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Don’t you just love those happy family days, spent out in the backyard, eating, drinking and laughing?

I certainly do, so much so that I wish we could do it for more of the year, beginning as spring rears its pretty head or as summer turns into fall. I’m
sure I’d be content to let these lovely long, lazy days last forever, late into the evening.

This is so easily achievable with a fire pit in your yard, or any outside space, who wouldn’t enjoy sitting around the best fire pit your money can buy, chatting, warming your hands and faces and who can forget, toasting marshmallows?!

If you are considering investing your hard-earned cash into a fire pit and have been bamboozled by the ridiculously large choice there is available, look no further.

Have all of the facts and figures left you totally confused and unsure of which way to turn?

If this is you, then have no fear, you have found yourself in exactly the right place. I have tried to weed out all of the unnecessary jargon on your behalf and present you with available on the market a guide of 15 of the best fire

Choices, choices, choices

Who knew that there were quite so many options? Gas fire pits, wood burning fire pits, coal effect and lava rocks. Some have a metal finish; other fire pits are made of stone.

Portable gas fire pits, fire pits with tables, fire pits to barbecue your sausages on…..the list is endless!

Getting the right fire…pit

Your first consideration should be choosing the best fire pit for your needs. Would you prefer to burn wood and logs, to enjoy the natural beauty of the flames, or does the simplicity of the best gas fire pit appeal to you? Connect to the propane supply, click a button to light it, open a bottle and relax!

Would you prefer your fire pit to be of stone or metal construction, or maybe a combination of both?

Will it be solely for use at home or does the option of throwing it in the trunk of the car and heading for an evening at the beach, sound right up your street?

How much space do you have to devote to your pit, some of the best fire pits differ greatly in size, some have tables around them too.

Your budget, as with all of the best things in life, is a huge factor in your choice of fire pit. Usually you can expect to get what you pay for but that does not mean there isn’t a bargain to be had!

Safety first

In 2014, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimated that almost 2000 under 18 year olds reported an incident or suffered an injury that was treatable in hospital, which was related to fire pits.

Obviously, safety is key when choosing and positioning your pit, particular if there are children around. Some models come with safety screens for added protection.

Regardless of which fire pit you select,
please always remain safety conscious, keep a fire extinguisher within close
range, but mostly enjoy your investment safely, for many years to come.

Simple to light and adjust flame height and heat output.

Gas pressure is measured in BTU, British Thermal Units, which is odd as the Brits rarely use it as a guideline!

The majority of the best gas fire pits have BTU ratings of between 30,000 and 100,000. Simply put, the higher the gas pressure, the more warmth it projects.

Best Gas Fire Pits

1. BALI OUTDOORS Gas Fire Pit Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pits 

Portable camping fire, Gas Fire,
Backyard, 50,000 BTU

This compact little beauty is sitting high in the best-selling gas fire pits on Amazon, so why wouldn’t this be the first fire pit to review on our guide? This attractive gas fire pit is one of the smaller models we’ll look at, perfect if your backyard does not stretch for miles

The burner is made from stainless steel whilst the remainder is of steel construction; the black protective enamel finishing gives it great eye appeal.

The lava rock that is included in the package has a real, authentic look, whilst it provides good heat preservation and thermal insulation.

Other Features

Are you off to the beach, few days camping or at the cabin? Then this is the ideal gas fire pit to take on your travels, it is so lightweight, coming in at less than 30 pounds!

Simply assemble the fire pit, no tools required and attach it to your 20-pound propane tank. Connect the 10 feet gas hose, light it with the auto-ignition feature, adjust to your chosen flame height And then relax in the warmth and the glow of the fire.


  • It doesn’t even matter if someone forgets the matches!
  • Price point, It’s economical
  • Great design
  • Lightweight and portable, It stands 14” square and 18” high
  • Perfect for smaller backyard space
  • Close fitting lid with safety lock


  • Some assembly required
  • Not ideal to heat large area

2. BALI OUTDOORS Firepit LP Gas Fireplace 28″ Square Table

I love the look of this fire pit; it has an air of quality about it whilst still being very affordable. It is 25 inches tall and has a wide table area around it, perfect for resting a glass of red wine in between sips!

Other Features

The design enables the 20-pound gas bottle to sit snugly underneath, alongside the control panel. Both of which are concealed and give the illusion that your pit is a natural flame.

The lava rock looks fashionable and elegant and the 50,000BTU rating ensures that you stay warm long into the evening.


  • Attractive and reasonably priced
  • Lightweight enough to carry indoors to store through a harsh winter, around 50 pounds.
  • Adjustable flame height and heat output
  • Supplied with and decorative lid for safety.


  • Some customers complain that electronic ignition often fails and it needs to be manually lit. This is a simple operation.
  • Not supplied with a cooking grate.

Better Homes and Gardens Carter Hills, Durable and Rust-resistant Design 

Wow. Review over! If you have opted for the best gas fire pit available then I suggest that you are running very close with this one.

It is so pleasing to look at; its dimensions are 57 inches long, 21 inches wide and stand 24 inches tall.

The robust steel frame has a dark bronze finish, which is perfectly accompanied by the resin wicker sides. This fire pit is rust-resistant and durable. The glass beads instead of rocks add an elegant finishing touch.


  • You will be the envy of all of your neighbours!
  • The gas tank sits beneath the fire tray, concealed from view.
  • The 50,000BTU and large fire plate ensure plenty of warmth.
  • A weather cover is supplied for protection.
  • Safe for use on decked areas and in screened porches.


  • No lid is supplied for the fire area.
  • Too large to be considered portable.

Outland Living Series 401 Grey 44-Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table,

This fire pit is perfect for sitting
around in your yard, particularly if you have grey resin wicker patio
furniture, they would complement each other very well.

A deep black tempered glass table
surrounds the fire plate; the high gloss reflects the flames flickering
beautifully. No lava rocks seen here, instead arctic ice glass rocks. Simply
stunning as the flames dance.


  • The base is strong and sturdy
  • The slate gray wicker sides are very durable and all weather resistant.
  • This delivers functionality and style.
  • Concealed area for gas tank and controls.


  • No cover or insert lid supplied Both are available to purchase separately.
  • ·Size and weight, 96 pounds, mean 2-person team to move it.

Great Deal Furniture Rogers Propane Fire Pit Round 32″ with Grey Top

Now this is more my style, barely a hint of metal to be seen, just gorgeous grey stone. Its diameter of 32 inches would be perfect for my whole family to snuggle around, toasting marshmallows and telling scary stories.

I love how natural this looks and think it would suit many backyards.

The lava rock that is supplied can also be interchanged for different effects, clear and blue stone glass, I particularly like the sound of the amber stones.

Now that is my kind of investment.


  • Strong and durable
  • Deep rim for plenty of food and drinks
  • No assembly required, box to on in 15 minutes!


  • It is heavy! 123 pounds to be exact, it’s a 2 person job to place it.
  • Maybe your preference is a more modern metal design.

Crawford Outdoor Grey Rectangular Fire Pit – 50,000 BTU

The styling of this larger fire pit is what mostly attracted me.

The magnesium oxide frame with a steel finish keeps the fire pit at a nice, manageable weight, only around 50 pounds. But the well-worn wooden plank effect sells this to me. It makes the pit look aged and traditional, like a loved piece of furniture.

The great styling has not affected the calibre of the detail.

It has a very decent output of 50,000 BTU and the gas tank is beautifully concealed within its base. I think I love this gas fire pit!


  • Surprisingly lightweight, less than 60 pounds.
  • Arrives exceptionally well packaged.
  • No assembly required. Unbox, arrange rocks, light it and go!
  • Handles to assist in maneuvering.
  • Classic looks.
  • Heavy-duty canvas
  • coverer supplied.


  • No burner area lid.
  • Not the usual stone or metal design that you might favour.

TACKLIFE Gas Fire Table, 28 inch 50,000 BTU Auto-Ignition Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table with Cover,

Not only does this square table looking pleasing to the eye, it is multi-purpose too. When not in use as a fire pit, you can simply pop the sturdy metal lid on and you have a fully functional dining/coffee/drinks/card table. That reveals far too much about my lifestyle!

Loving the bronze tinted wicker effect sides too, it really accentuates the volcanic stone that is on the burner. I can picture a romantic evening on the
decking sat around this classy table.


  • 50,000 BTU equals plenty of heat
  • Stain steel rust-resistant finish
  • Dual function
  • CSA Approval, safe and reliable model


  • Control switch is not concealed, though it is in within easy reach
  • Only a cover for the pit is provided, you would need to invest in a protective cover.

Blue Rhino Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit (Blue Fireglass)

It really doesn’t take a lot to guess what the most attractive thing about this lower fire pit is, does it.

Doesn’t that cobalt blue fire glass set it off a treat? I think it looks the perfect gas fire pit for a romantic night beneath the stars; my kids want a rowdy party to show it off!

It conceals the propane supply perfectly while creating the glow of a real fire with its 30,000 BTU. If you have ever burned logs in a fire pit, you will definitely appreciate the lack of ashes to be cleaned up!


  • Sleek styling
  • Hidden control panel for seamless looks.
  • 1 press ignition
  • Attractive blue glass rocks
  • Cover provided


  • The bronze effect of the paintwork may not be your style.
  • It weighs almost 70 pounds, definitely not portable.

LEGACY HEATING 50,000 BTU Rectangular Fire Pit Table, Hammered Black

If you’re looking for a sleek and might I say, sexy, fire pit and you have a little extra budget, then this just might fit the bill I love its beautifully clean lines; the high gloss paintwork would be an impressive feature in even the most glamorous backyard This screams of, “shall we retire to the patio” after you have had your boss around to dinner!

Its sturdy aluminum design ensures it is protected from whatever the weather can throw at it, though it does come with a protective cover for when the forecast is particularly rubbish.

It has a concealed cupboard for the gas tank and emits a lovely, warming 50,000 BTU.

I could wax lyrical for hours about this gorgeous gas fire pit, but I will close by saying, it’s not just any old fire pit, it doubles up as a table too, just pop the matching lid on and sit back and admire it This is definitely one of the best fire pit tables.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Dual functionality, a bar or a coffee table.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Protective cover included


  • Needs some assembling
  • It uses LPG, if you prefer wood burning fire pits.

get back to nature

We’ve explored some of the best portable
gas fire pits available on the market, now it’s time to check out some of the
wood burning ones.

Some people believe that the smell of
wood burning, chopping logs and the crackle of the blaze are just too good to

Not having to replace your gas bottle
every few days definitely has its benefits too!

Best portable fire pits

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit – Outdoor Fire Pit for Patio & Backyard. Less Smoke So Clothes Won’t Smell. 

I’ve only been reading about this
product for a few minutes and already have the urge to call around my friends
and arrange a camping weekend! I’m hoping that at least one of us has a tent!

The solo stove is such a unique
construction, its possibly brilliant.

It is lightweight, portable, durable and
runs on wood power.

Its fantastic two-tier airflow system
ensures that every single piece of wood is burned and it promises very low
smoke emissions. A must for Festivalgoers dressed in all of their finery, no
one wants to smell of smoke!

The fire pit gives off a great amount of
heat, even when not standing particularly close.


·It is compact and

·It is cost effective,
only needs wood to work.

·Its dimensions are 14
inches by 19 inches, perfect trunk size.

·Free carry case


·Flame height and heat
output can’t be controlled

·Needs to be cleaned
after each use

·Can’t be left out in

Landmann 25282 Barrone Fire Pit with Cover, 26-Inch, Antique Bronze

My first thought when I saw this fire
pit was look at the lovely depth, ideal for cooking on!

It almost seems sacrilege to cook on
this delightful fire pit though; it is beautiful styled from steel in a
crosshatch pattern and sits on sturdy decorative legs.

The pit is around 16 – 18 inches deep
and will contain plenty of wood to burn while the burgers grill to perfection.

I think the antique bronze finish gives
it a contemporary feel.

The cover adds protection from the
elements while still looking very attractive.

I can absolutely see my other half spend
many happy evenings with the poker in his one hand and a beer in the other!


·Compact and
lightweight, less than 22-pounds.

·Package includes a
poker, wood grate, spark screen with handle and an ornate cover.

·Great value at its
current price.

·Deep wood basket and
spark screen ensures hot embers don’t fall out.


·Ashes will need
emptying after each use.

·Someone will need to
chop some wood!

Catalina Creations 29″ Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit with Cover and Accessories

I adore this dreamy looking fire pit,
isn’t it exactly how you would imagine one to look, almost cauldron-like?

The fact that it is heavy and sturdy
make it even more appealing to me; as does its rustic bronze finish with the
cut out moon and stars.

How could any outdoor space not be
improved by it?

The cut-outs actually serve a purpose;
they are much more than decoration. They supply the fire with a constant
airflow; the flames feed from the oxygen and burn bright and long.

This is definitely a talking point in a
yard, and then the point at which to gather to keep warm and chat late into the

Imagine little ones faces watching the
moons and stars illuminated by the fire, listening to fairy tales and toasting


·Supplied with a 24 inch
spark screen to protect from flying embers.

·Cast iron construction,
heavy and sturdy.

·Designed to allow ashes
to fall through for easy collection.

·Deep burning pit so won’t
need to be refilled too often.

·No assembly required.


·Must only be used on non-flammable

·Heat output and flame
height cannot be controlled.

·Must be cleaned after
each use.

·Storage indoors during
inclement weather recommended.

Landmann 28345 Big Sky Moon and Stars Fire Pit

For less than $100, you can get this all
singing all dancing moon and stars portable pit. Whether it’s for the patio, at
the beach or a camping trip, providing you cleaned it well after the last use,
it is lovely to pack in the car and take with you.

My children love its similarity to a UFO
and would be enchanted watching the flames dancing.

I know they would absolutely adore
sitting around the fire pit on the sand after a hard day digging and paddling!

What’s more, it comes with the elusive
cooking grate, burgers and hot dogs all around.

Because of its lovely big 360 design,
the fire bowl can be viewed from every angle.

It has a sturdy steel construction and
is capable of burning most things, wood, paper, card, coal, those it is
recommended to put a shallow layer of send and then of bricks in the base
before you burn them.


·Lightweight and easy to

·Locking ring keeps it
sealed for safe transit

·Fantastic price

·Supplied with a poker
for stoking the flames and a spark screen to save you from the elusive flying

·Cooking grate provided
for juicy steaks!


·No control over the
flame size or heat

·No table rim as in many
of the best gas fire pits.

·Will need to clean away
the ash residue.

·No control over stinky
smoke, particularly when not using smokeless fuel.

Whether you decide to go with gas or
wood burning, a portable gas fire pit or a static fire pit table, I sincerely
hope this guide has been of some use to you, and that you have many toasty,
relaxed evenings sat around your fire pit.

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