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Best Farmhouse Ceiling Fans

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Did you know that ceiling fans don’t actually cool the air in the room? It’s true! They function by creating a windchill (breeze) on the skin. They are effective when someone is in the room and only works on humans because we sweat. Fans do not have any effect on household pets because they don’t perspire. 

Before there was A/C, there were ceiling fans. Most farmhouses had them, so if you decide to add one to your décor (or swap out an outdated one), it will be right in line with the style. 

Long ago, farmhouses were decorated with whatever was handy. These days more thought tends to go into putting together farmhouse style, but practicality is still a crucial factor. Nothing should be too delicate or pretentious. The overall impression should convey effortlessness while maintaining a semblance of style and forethought.

Quick Tips Before You Buy a Farmhouse Ceiling Fan

Size matters. The bigger the fan, the bigger the breeze. For a room larger than 300 sq. ft., use a 52-inch or larger fan. 

The ideal fan height from floor to fan blades is 8 to 10 feet. From the ceiling, it depends on how high yours are. If you have 30’ cathedral ceilings, then you will need get a separate downrod (this will bring your fan to the correct height). 

If you have a slanted ceiling be sure to buy an angled mount adapter kit! Otherwise, your fan will rock back and forth and make a terrible noise. 

Bear in mind that fans come with either a DC motor or an AC motor. DC motors tend to produce less heat and consume less energy than heavier AC motors.

Farmhouse Fan Types:

There are many different styles of fans, from the standard flat-bladed to curved and sculpted. 

  • White fan-blades look best in European or French Farmhouses. They look clean and crisp.
  • Metal fan-blades can add industrial chic to the Modern style farmhouse. The sleek aviator style works well in this setting, too.
  • Natural Wood fan-blades are just right for the classic Rustic farmhouse, adding warmth and hominess to your living space.

Farmhouse Fan Lighting Guide:

Look for a ceiling fan that can use old-fashioned Edison-style bulbs for farmhouse appeal.

  • LED: uses the least amount of energy; have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. They usually cast off a cooler tone.
  • Fluorescent: these are the workhouse bulbs, with an average life span of 10,000 hours. These are known as ‘task lights’ and are not flattering to people.
  • Halogen: these bulbs use a lot of energy (still less than an); an average life span of 1,500 hours. These give off a bright, white light.

Incandescent: the least energy-efficient bulb, with an average lifespan of 1,000 hours. They produce a warm, glowing light, making you look your best.

15 the Top Farmhouse Ceiling Fans You’ll Love

Hunter Fan Company 59264

Here is a powerful 62-inch industrial ceiling fan that is good for any large indoor space. The frosted white glass paired with the brushed nickel finish and French oak blades give this fan a more rustic than business look.

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Hunter Fan 54 inch Contemporary

This indoor/outdoor beauty does the job with only 3 blades, and comes in black, white, gray, and bronze. Its Whisper Wind motor delivers airflow quietly, and you can change the direction from downdraft mode during the summer to updraft mode during the winter.

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Prominence Home 50588

While this fan is not exactly farmhouse style, it is very plain and can fit in with any type of décor. “This fan has it all! A remote, light dimmer, amazing airflow, looks awesome and is quiet even on high,” says one reviewer.

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Prominence Home 51429 Benton Hugger

This rustic fan features a bronze finish with an industrial, steel cage light kit, and harmonizing barn wood blades, making for a homespun, country look. It comes with the special lightbulbs and is well-thought-out in its functionality (the fan pulls are marked showing which one works the light and which one works the fan).

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Westinghouse Lighting 7812700

This streamlined fan with its unobtrusive light in the center is good for a more modern farmhouse. While some user reviews noted the fan doesn’t last very long, others said it’s great for the price.

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Minka-Aire F896-65-WHF

his outdoor ceiling fan with its brushed nickel finish and streamlined blades is perfect for your porch or patio. Some consumers use this fan indoors, in larger rooms. It’s one of the prettiest fans on the market and while it’s not very farmhouse in style, it can still complement your furnishings and color scheme.

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Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50614-01

Here is a country-style fan with pastoral barnwood blades, an industrial cage light, and matte black finishing. Unlike most, this fan boasts dynamic hanging abilities, meaning it can be mounted with a downrod (standard), angled-mount (sloped), and flush-mount (4” downrod included).

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inka Aire F864L-BNK

The unusual windmill design on this fan makes it ultra-farmhouse, but it’s no relic—this fan is Wi-Fi enabled! This means you can control your fan from your phone, whether you’re home or away. 

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Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan

This stylish black fan seems tailor-made for the modern farmhouse. It comes with an Edison style LED lightbulb that’s housed inside a smoked open glass globe. But looks aren’t everything. Drawbacks, according to one consumer, are as follows: “There are no strings to pull in case you misplace the remote, which is very easy to do as the remote is so small. Also, the remote makes a pretty loud beep which is annoying, especially if the fan is in a bedroom and you want to make adjustments at night.”

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Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze

 Here’s an unusual looking twofer fan featuring two smaller sets of paddle-like blades with a light in the middle. The brown wicker blades make it simple to change styles and they even tilt to your liking. One reviewer wrote, “My remodel is modern rustic-farmhouse at it looks perfect in my living room. Totally quiet, I can hear the breeze flowing through the fan blades but no noise from the motor at all.”

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Efperfect 52Inch Industrial Ceiling Fan

 Here’s a retro fan that brings to mind the Industrial Age with its vintage metal cage to house the lights, and pure copper motor. It has 5 genuine walnut reversible blades and works with remote control.

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Springer Collection 60-Inch 12-Blade Distressed

 This is one of the few distressed-looking fans on the market, giving your farmhouse that worn, lived-in look you’re aiming for. The walnut blades and windmill design make this 60” ceiling fan a perfect fit for rooms larger than 400-square feet.

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Vintage Cage Chandelier Fans with Retractable Blades

Who knew there are fans on the market with retractable blades? It’s called a fandalier and this is it! The vintage cage chandelier style will add a touch of intrigue to any style of farmhouse, but particularly a rustic one. It needs 5 Edison style bulbs, which are not included. But it does have a cool dimming feature, which is not something you often see in ceiling fan lighting combos. 

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Fanimation Studio Collection LP8350BLAZ

his 13-inch mini fan’s blade sweep fan is damp-rated making it a perfect fit for any indoor or covered outdoor space. 

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Hunter Fan Company 50649

This fan brings to mind a barn, with its oak blades and light fixture housings that look like glass jars. It’s plain, making it a good fit for a modern farmhouse.

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Which type of ceiling fan do you like best for a farmhouse? Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Sound off in the comments below. 

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