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Best Corner Toilet Reviews

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Do you need to put a toilet in a tight space? A corner toilet may be the answer you are looking for. This type of toilet has a triangular tank that fits into the place where two walls meet. The bowl and seat sit in front of the tank, jutting into the space from the corner. Let’s look at what you should consider when selecting the best corner toilet and see which one may fit your needs.

How to Select the Best Corner Toilet

Corner toilets are not the most common commode on the market, so the selection is limited when compared to standard models. However, it’s important to purchase a toilet that fits your needs and that will last for a long time. Here are some key criteria to consider when selecting a corner commode.

Floor Space

A common reason for installing a corner toilet is to open up floor space in a tight bathroom. When selecting the toilet, make sure you know its dimensions, including how far the front edge of the bowl is from the corner. That’s going to tell you how much floor space the toilet will cover.

It’s also important to know the rough-in measurements of the toilet. The rough-in is where the floor drain sits in relation to the walls and corner. If the rough-in isn’t in the right place, you will either need a new toilet or have the plumber come in and replumb the drain.

A corner toilet’s rough-in measurement is done by measuring from both walls to the center of the drain pipe. So, a 12-inch rough-in means the center of the drain pipe sits 12 inches from both walls. If it’s off center, the toilet won’t fit.

Water Consumption

A consideration for any new toilet you buy is how much water it uses. Modern toilets sold in the US must use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush. To earn the WaterSense certification from the EPA, a toilet must use no more than 1.28 gallons per flush on average.

Some toilets offer dual flush. The partial flush, used for liquid waste removal, usually uses significantly less than the full flush, used for bulk waste removal. A few models of dual flush toilets have enough pressure in the partial flush to handle light bulk waste removal.

Flush Performance

Flush performance is key with any toilet. You don’t want to have to flush multiple times just to get the waste out of the bowl. Toilet manufacturers have improved their engineering in recent years, making commodes that can do the job with less water.

Another consideration in flush performance is whether the flush clears all traces of waste. While the flush may remove the waste, it should also clean the sides of the bowl at the same time. If the buyer needs to clean the bowl multiple times a week, the toilet isn’t doing its job properly.

Corner Toilet Design

Toilets can last for decades, so a commode’s appearance is important. Select a style that fits into the bathroom and into the home. Many commodes will work in both traditional and contemporary spaces.

Some, however, have a distinct style that only works in limited design spaces. A Victorian home, for example, calls for a more traditional style. A sleek, minimal unit would be a bit out of place in such a home.

Ease of Installation

Another consideration for selecting a corner toilet is how easy it is to install. Corner toilets install pretty much like any other toilet. The only real consideration is the placement of the drain during rough-in.

Some toilets have a full skirting that obscures the bolts used for installation. These designs can be a bit rougher to install, but not impossible. An experienced plumber or even a serious DIY’er should have no problems doing the work.

Ease of Cleaning and Sanitizing

Cleaning a toilet should be as simple as possible. A traditional toilet exposes the curves of the trapway along the base. These curves and details attract a lot of dust and dirt. A skirted design hides the trapway, making it much easier to clean.

Another consideration is the glazing in the bowl. Manufacturers have come up with special glazes that help keep the toilet bowl cleaner. They also help to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. While a traditional glazing does its job, these special glazes make cleaning easy.

Seat Height

The top of a toilet rim on a standard toilet sits 14 to 16 inches above the floor. Add a toilet seat and you get seating between 15 and 17 inches. This is good for kids and shorter adults.

For taller adults and those with limited mobility, a comfort height toilet is often a better choice. These toilets, with seat installed, sit between 17 and 19 inches from the floor. The higher seat height makes sitting and standing less stressful.

If someone in the household uses a wheelchair, the height of the toilet seat should be near that of the wheelchair. It will make transferring much easier.


Price is a key consideration for those on a budget. You want a toilet that has the features you desire, but doesn’t cost too much. Plus, you need to consider the cost of maintenance and repairs.

Spending a bit extra up front may give you a more useful toilet that will do its job well for many years down the road. On the other hand, a basic toilet can last for decades. Those with special features may cost more to maintain in the long run.


A toilet is built to last for decades. However, not every toilet is perfect. You need a good manufacturers warranty to cover the commode in case something goes wrong. Most problems appear within a few months of use, but some don’t appear for years.

Where a Corner Toilet Is a Good Idea

Corner toilets are designed to fit into the space where two walls meet. This type of design is useful in some design scenarios.

  • Bathrooms and powder rooms with limited floor space
  • Retrofitting a bathroom under a staircase or in an existing closet
  • Spaces with an awkward layout where a standard toilet configuration wouldn’t work
  • Bathrooms in smaller homes
  • Adding a bathroom or powder room in the basement

The Best Corner Toilet Comparison

We’ve put together a comparison of five top corner toilets. Let’s see how each one fares.

Renovators Supply Manufacturing Corner Elongated White Dual Button Flush

The Renovators Supply Manufacturing Corner Elongated White Dual Button Flush toilet offers a space-saving design that’s elegant and functional at the same time. Add in excellent water savings and an elongated bowl for comfortable seating.

The first thing that stands out about this toilet is its design. Its vertical detailing on the tank is understated by stylish. The same detailing wraps the base of the toilet at floor level. The chrome push button flush control sits squarely in the top of the tank, easy to reach from all angles. Its seat is 16″ above floor level.

The toilet has the proprietary Reno-Gloss glazing that resists stains and scratches. Made from high-quality vitreous china, this toilet is made to last for decades to come. It requires a 12-inch rough in and projects 33.75″ from the corner. The tank measures 19″ across and the toilet height is 32.25″.

The toilet is a dual flush unit. Its partial flush uses an economical 0.8 gallons, while the full flush uses 1.6 gallons. It matches or beats EPA water conservation guidelines.

It does not include the bolts or bolt caps required for installation. It does come with a toilet seat. The manufacturer offers a full-year 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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  • Dual flush mechanism saves water while clearing bowl efficiently
  • Reno-Gloss finish keeps commode looking good long term
  • Stylish design with molded details
  • Matching corner sink available


  • Come with one-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Does not include bolts for installation

American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle with Round Bowl

The American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle toilet offers a comfortable seat in the tiniest of spaces. The classic design works well in almost any space. The easy-to-clean design and the power flush make this a true contender for any bathroom remodel.

The tank of this toilet is truly triangular, with the front corners squared off. Its lever flush control sits on the clipped corner of the left side. It offers a rounded front for additional space saving. The seat height is 17.5″ for comfortable seating. It measures 33.375″ from the corner to the front rim of the bowl.

Made from vitreous china, this toilet is easy to clean and sanitize. It has the Ever Clean antimicrobial glaze that helps inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. A rounded front of the base makes cleaning it a bit easier.

This toilet uses 1.6 gallons per flush. It does give superior flush performance due to the 3″ flush valve that releases water from the tank in higher volumes. It also offers the PowerWash rim to scrub the sides of the bowl with each flush.

The manufacturer offers a five year limited warranty. The package does not include a toilet seat or supply line.

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  • Classic design works well in many bathroom designs
  • Space saving unit fits into very small bathrooms
  • Offers PowerRim flush to clear bowl efficiently
  • The EverClean surface inhibits bacterial and mold growth
  • Generous five-year warranty


  • Does not include toilet bowl or supply line
  • Uses standard amount of water for flush

American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle with Elongated Bowl

The American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle with Elongated Bowl brings classic design and efficient flushing to the tiniest bathrooms. It offers an elongated bowl that provides comfortable seating and a special glazing to inhibit mold and bacteria growth.

This toilet’s tank is a triangle with the two front corners clipped. The lever flush control sits on the left clipped corner for easy access. Its elongated bowl offers a more comfortable seat than the rounded version. The trade-off is the elongated bowl sticks out a couple of inches more than the round bowl.

It requires a 12″ rough-in and it extends 35 3/16″ from the corner. The tank is 19 3/8″ wide and it stands 31 1/16″ tall. The rim sits at 16.5″ high. Add in a standard elongated toilet seat and it’s within the comfort height zone. This toilet is made from vitreous china for a long-lasting, durable finish. It includes the EverClean glazing which inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria.

The Cadet 3 includes a powerful flush mechanism that uses a 3″ flush valve to drive water down faster through the PowerWash rim to clear the bowl of waste. It uses 1.6 gallons per flush.

This toilet does not include the seat or supply line. It comes with a five year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

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  • Superior flushing performance with PowerRim
  • Includes EverClean glazing to inhibit bacteria and mold growth
  • Comfort height seating
  • Easy to install
  • Five year limited warranty
  • Elongated bowl offers more comfortable seating



  • Elongated seat extends 2″ more than round model
  • Does not include toilet seat or supply line
  • Not water efficient
  • Has the highest cost among those compared
  • Extends 35 3/16″ from the corner, using the most floor space among those compared

Renovators Supply Manufacturing Ceramic Round Space Saving Dual Flush Corner Toilet

The Renovators Supply Manufacturing Ceramic Round Space Saving Dual Flush Corner Toilet brings a stylish, contemporary look to any bathroom. With a rounded tank and detailed design, this commode also offers dual flush water efficiency in the smallest spaces.

A toilet’s tank sets the tone for its design. This toilet’s rounded tank has rich detail that works well in traditional and contemporary spaces. Detailed architectural edges define the tank top as well as its base. Fine details down the front add the perfect finishing touch. Its round bowl ensures this toile takes up the least amount of floor space possible.

The toilet requires a 12″ rough-in and juts out 32 1/2″ from the corner. The rounded tank is 18 1/2″ wide and the commode stands 31″ high. Made from high-quality vitreous china, the toilet has the Reno-Gloss finish for long-lasting stain and scratch resistance.

This model offers excellent water efficiency with its dual flush capability. The partial flush uses a mere 0.8 gallons while the full flush uses 1.6 gallons. It meets or exceeds the EPA’s guidelines for water efficiency. It has a push button flush mechanism installed on the top of the tank.

The toilet does not include floor bolts or bolt caps. It does include a toilet seat and hardware to install it. The manufacturer offers a one year complete satisfaction guarantee.

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  • Stylish contemporary design works in most bathrooms
  • Water efficiency with dual flush using 0.8 gpf for partial and 1.6 gpf for full
  • Reno-gloss finish prevents scratches and stains


  • Comes with one-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Does not include bolts or bolt caps to complete installation

Renovators Supply Manufacturing Corner Round Dual Flush Space Saving Toilet

The Renovators Supply Manufacturing Corner Round Dual Flush Space Saving Toilet brings a clean, classic design to any bathroom. The tank fits snugly into the right angle of the corner, then comes out to clipped corners that create a straight profile when viewed from the front. A rounded front keeps the footprint of this toilet to a minimum.

Made from high-grade vitreous china, this toilet is made to last for decades. It requires a 12″ rough in and protrudes 30″ from the corner. The toilet stands 29″ tall and the tank is 17.2″ wide. The rim of the bowl is 14 7/8″ above the floor, which puts it in standard seating height.

This model is dual flush, offering water efficiency for the partial flushes. It uses 0.8 gallons per flush to remove liquid waste. The full flush, for removing bulk waste, uses 1.6 gallons. It has a chrome flush button installed on the top of the tank within easy reach.

The toilet comes with a seat and hardware to install it. The kit does not include the bolts to finish installation. The manufacturer offers a one year satisfaction guarantee.

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  • Comes out 30″ from corner, the most space saving among those compared
  • Dual flush offers water efficiency, using only 0.8 gpf for partial and 1.6 gpf for full
  • Contemporary minimal design that works in many spaces
  • The lowest cost among those compared


  • Does not include bolts for installation
  • Does not include special glazing to prevent scratching or staining
  • Seat is below comfort height
  • Comes with one year satisfaction guarantee

And The Best Corner Toilet Is

Among the toilets that we compared, the Renovators Supply Manufacturing Corner Elongated White Dual Button Flush is the best corner toilet. Its contemporary design with its rich details, plus its excellent water efficiency and stain/scratch resistant glazing, put it at the head of the pack.

The elongated bowl offers more comfortable seating compared to the Renovators Supply Manufacturing Round model. They both have the same dual flush feature for superior water savings. And, unlike the other Renovators Supply Manufacturing model, they both had the Reno-Gloss finish for stain and scratch resistance.

The rich design of this toilet is far superior to the conventional shape of the two American Standard commodes.

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