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10 Best Ceiling Fans for Small Rooms

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Take a look at the summary section of each ceiling fan if you want to quickly find one that works for you. Consult the buying guide for a more detailed approach to finding your dream fan.

10 Best Ceiling Fans for Small Rooms

10 Best Ceiling Fans for Small Rooms

Best from Honeywell

Honeywell Ceiling Fans

Product Details:

  • Measures 16.73 L x 8.78 W x 9.45 H inches
  • Downwards or upwards drafts
  • Multiple speed settings
  • Comes with LED that you can dim
  • Nickel, espresso, or white blade color
  • Can use with Honeywell remote

Honeywell Ceiling Fans are contemporary and will give any space a modern touch. The small fan measures 16.73 L x 8.78 W x 9.45 H inches, so it will fit into bathrooms, bedrooms, or smaller kitchens.

The motor has three distinct speeds, and you can choose from downwards draft or updraft to control the temperature of your room. The reversible motor also has three speeds.

In addition, you can select which finish you would like for your fan. The dual-finish reversible blades can be espresso, nickel, or white. The product also comes with LEDs, two E26 / B10 lights. You can dim these up to 20%, 800CRI, 450 lumens, 2700k, 4.5 watts. The bulbs will sit in a frosted white globe.

You can turn the fan on and off using one of its chain. And, you can also adjust the speed by pulling the second chain. If you have a Honeywell fan remote, you can use it with this product.

Best Overall

LCiWZ 18 Ceiling Fan with Lights

Product Details:

  • White fan
  • Multiple speeds
  • Includes light
  • Light has three brightness settings
  • 18 inches in diameter
  • 8 inches in height
  • 110V motor and driver

This ceiling fan is 18 inches in diameter and 8 inches in height. This small scale makes it a perfect addition for small rooms. It has a 110V motor and 110 driver, ensuring it is secure once placed.

You can select from three fan speeds. The fan also comes with a lighting system and you can choose from warm light, cool light, or neutral light. Your remote can also adjust these to bring some ambiance to your home.

The fan’s memory function ensures that your device remembers your settings. So, when you turn it off, the fan will remember your last speed and light levels. Then, when you turn it back on, the fan will resume at the same level.

The fan has a quiet motor, which N/N sound tests before shipping your product. The 110V motor delivers powerful air movement. This will help keep your room at the temperature you want.

You can easily install the fan with the semi-flush mount it comes with. The manual will guide you through the process.

Best Classic Design

Prominence Home Hero Hugger Ceiling Fan

Product Details:

  • Three colors
  • Three speeds
  • 5 reversible fan blades
  • Compliant with California’s Title 24
  • Updraft or downdraft modes
  • Central light is a white LED of 2700k color
  • 28-inches in diameter
  • 13.2-inches in height

The Prominence Home Ceiling Fan has a white finish with 5 reversible fan blades. You can choose from ‘White’, ‘Q’, or ‘Espresso’ blades. ‘Q’ resembles a light white oak color.

The fan has a central globe light. It’s a white LED light with 2700k color temperature and 450 lumens. All the bulbs and fan paddles are compliant with California’s Title 24.

You can pick from three speeds to keep your room cool, and you can even choose from updraft or downdraft modes for optimal airflow. And, since it’s 28-inch in diameter and 13.2 inches tall, you can use the fan in small rooms.

To turn the fan on and off, just use the pull chains. You can also control the speed of the fan by using the second pull chain.

Best Minimalist Style

Minka-Aire Ceiling Fan with Light & Remote Control

Product Details:

  • 44 L x 44 W x 11.5 H inches
  • Updraft and downdraft
  • Use remote to turn on and off
  • Central light

This ceiling fan is completely white, including the central light. The middle light is a 14-watt LED bulb that you can dim. It has a sleek design with three blades. The product is 44 L x 44 W x 11.5 H inches.

It has three speeds and a reversible motor. The remote control helps you easily customize the fan, and you can even use it to turn the light on and off.

The product is incredibly quiet, so you’ll hardly notice the noise when it’s on. And, it only requires an additional bond hub BD-1000 to work with Alexa or Google Home. You can also buy a WCS212 remote with more features.

Best Candelabra Light Style

Litex Vortex Ceiling Fan

Product Details:

  • 30 inches
  • 6 blades
  • Prominence style
  • Flush mount

The Litex Vortex fan has a diameter of 30 inches. Although it’s one of the largest fans on this list, it will still fit in smaller rooms. It’s completely white and it has a prominence style, meaning it goes well with modern designs.

The fan uses a flush mount, so it’s easy to install. The stability from the flush mount makes the fan very quiet because it won’t wobble as it turns.

Best 24-inch

Westinghouse Lighting 7224700 Quince Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light

Product Details:

  • 24-inch diameter
  • Covers 100 sq. ft.
  • Light is opal frosted glass
  • Quiet motor
  • 1259 CFM at top speed
  • 30W of energy at max

The Westinghouse ceiling fan has a 24-inch diameter. This size is ideal for a room of 100 square feet.

This fan is white and has reversible blades. The blades themselves are beech and white. There’s a 16-watt light in the center that you can dim. Also, it has opal frosted glass which gives it a relaxing look.

The motor is high-quality and will stay quiet even at top speeds. At top flow, it reaches 1259 CFM and uses 30 w of energy.

There is a lifetime warranty for the motor, and a two-year warranty on other parts.

Best Temperature Adjusting

CJOY Ceiling Fan with Lights

Product Details:

  • 30-inches diameter
  • 14.8 inches height
  • 5 blades
  • White or matte black
  • 24W LED
  • Reversible fans
  • 2-year warranty
  • 1-, 2-, 4- or 8-hour timer

The CJOY ceiling fan is 30 inches in diameter and 14.8 inches tall. It has 5 sturdy blades and comes in matte black or white. Both options fit a modern aesthetic and are aesthetically pleasing.

The fan’s light is a 24W LED light panel and offers flicker-free lighting. Its size and light make it suitable for any smaller space.

The motor is quiet and reversible, so you can program it to fit your needs. And, you’ll be able to sleep soundly without this fan disturbing you.

You will be able to install this fan very quickly. It comes with a helpful manual that will walk you through every step of assembly. Also, there’s a 2-year warranty for the whole fan.

The product also comes with a remote control that controls the fan and light. And, the fan has three speeds. Additionally, you can do 1-, 2-, 4- or 8-hour sleep shutdown periods.

Most Versatile

Hunter Dempsey Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Product Details:

  • Measures 44 L x 44 W x 11.03 H inches
  • Center LED
  • Reversible blades
  • Two colors: Fresh White + Nobel Bronze
  • Remote control
  • Covers 69 cubic feet per minute per watt
  • Lifetime warranty

This modern ceiling fan comes in two shades: Fresh White and Nobel Bronze. The center LED light sits inside white glass. The fan measures 44 L x 44 W x 11.03 H inches, so it’s a larger fan that will definitely work in a small room.

You can choose the direction of the fan and you can choose from several speeds. And, you can even use the remote control to turn the fan on from anywhere in the room.

The central light is energy efficient. You can also dim it to create a certain ambiance. The bulb is long lasting and will most likely never need replacing. The fan is efficient and covers 69 cubic feet per minute per watt.

This business has over 126 years in the fan business, and they offer a lifetime warranty on the product.

Best Enclosed

Orillon 22″ Thin modern Ceiling Fan with Light

Product Details:

  • Modernist design
  • Metal and plastic
  • Three light settings
  • Three speed settings
  • Timer
  • Measures 25.2 L x 25 W x 10.5 H inches

This is by far the most modern design on the list. A metal casing completely covers this minimalist design. The product looks like a large, flat circle, and it will go well with any modern aesthetic. All four of the blades are hidden and it has a quiet motor.

The product also includes a light with three color options: white, warm, or neutral. You can also select the speed of the fan and there’s a timer setting, with 1-, 2-, 4- or 8-hour periods.

Orillon uses a high transparent plastic lampshade to finish the product. They combine this with matte lacquered wrought iron casing, which is very durable. This product is unlikely to break and has a smooth design.

In total, the fan measures 25.2 L x 25 W x 10.5 H inches. It only takes a few minutes to set up and has a wall-mount that you can assemble.

Best Industrial Style

Westinghouse Lighting 7224600 Quince Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light

Product Details:

  • 24-inches
  • Has LED
  • Can dim light
  • Reversible blades
  • 1259 CFM at top speed
  • 30W at top speed

This matte black design has 8 fan blades with a total diameter of 24-inches. The product also includes an LED light that you can dim. It also sits in frosted glass. And, the fan will easily cover a room of 100 square feet.

The metal fan has black and graphite blades that are reversible. The fan has a high-speed option that will reach 1259 CFM while using 30 W. It also comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor and two-year warranty on all other parts.

Buying Guide

Ceiling Fan

What size ceiling fan is considered small?

A ceiling fan is considered small if its diameter is equal to or shorter than 30 inches. That diameter allows it to easily cover a smaller room, but it wouldn’t be able to circulate air in a larger room.

So, between 20-30 inches in diameter is perfect for a smaller room.

What to look for in a ceiling fan for a small room

The main thing you need to look for when buying a ceiling fan for a small room is a short diameter. As stated above, this should be around 20-30 inches.

Another thing to look for is certain features. If you would like a fan that can heat or cool, make sure to get one that’s reversible. Also, some lights are dimmable. So, if you want this feature, be sure to check if it’s available.

Finally, you want to make sure that the fan fits the aesthetic of your room. Look for matte black or white colors if you want something that blends into most rooms.

What color ceiling fans work in a small room?

Considering that small rooms often don’t have focal colors, it’s best to go for neutral colors. Black and white are great places to start and go with most design choices.


Ceiling Fan

These are the best ceiling fans for small rooms currently on the market. Our list holds the very best fans, so you’re sure to find something you’ll love. Consult our buying guide before purchasing to make sure you know exactly what you want to buy.

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