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4 Best Ceiling Fans for Kitchens

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The best ceiling fans for kitchens balance a range of speeds with unique additional features. You could argue that your kitchen is the one room in your house that needs light more than any other room. From low-intensity lights for when you’re having dinner with guests to high-intensity lights when you’re preparing food – it might be difficult to find a ceiling fan that can cool your kitchen while providing the different brightness levels you need.

If you’re looking for our favorite fan on this list, you can’t go wrong with the Warmiplanet Ceiling Fan with Lights + Remote Control 48-inches. This fan has a quiet motor, a great selection of LED intensities to choose from, multiple fan speeds, and an easy-to-use remote. Its size also makes it perfect for the majority of kitchens!

However, if you’re looking for something that specifically comes with a bright light system, then we recommend the Warmiplanet 52-inch model. This nickel design is truly stunning and will fit right in with any modern home. Also, the central LED comes with a range of light intensities, allowing you to customize the light level in your kitchen. This fan is truly great if you’re looking for a larger model with a powerful light.

In addition to these two fantastic fans, all the other models we’ve selected for this list have wonderful features. From fans with changeable bulbs to the most compact fans on the market, we’ve searched for it all. By taking a look at our buying guide before buying, you’ll be able to give yourself a clearer idea of what you’re looking for.

4 Best Ceiling Fans for Kitchens

4 Best Ceiling Fans for Kitchens

Best Overall

Warmiplanet Ceiling Fan with Lights + Remote Control 48-inches

Product Details:

  • 48-in diameter
  • 13.8-in height
  • 24W LED light
  • Three fan speeds
  • Silent motor
  • Reversible blades

This fan has a diameter of 48 inches and a height of 13.8 inches. This smaller size makes it a perfect fan for smaller spaces. From personal offices to kitchens, this fan will save space while cooling down your room.

The fan has an LED light at the center. The LED is 24 W and uses an ‘On’ and ‘Off’ button on the remote control. You’ll also be able to change the light color from cold to warm to natural, moving between 3000k-6000k. Using the remote control, you’ll be able to move between the fan’s several speeds.

The fan has three blades, each of which is reversible. One side of the blade is completely white, and the other is a light wood color. In addition, the fan also comes with a silent motor.

Finally, there is a fan timer on the remote control, so you can change how long you want the fan to be on for. If you’re using it in a kitchen, you can set it to cool while you’re making different foods or baked goods.

Best Compact

Depuley Industrial Ceiling Fan with Lights, 42-Inch Black

Product Details:

  • 42-in diameter
  • 12.1-in height
  • 3 speeds
  • 5 light bulbs (not included)
  • Silent motor

This Depuley fan has a circular cage design with a wide 42-inch diameter and a 12.1-inch height. Also, the fan has 3 adjustable speeds.

In addition, the fan is completely silent, letting you work in the kitchen without being disturbed by the fan’s noise. With 5 light bulbs, this fan will illuminate your whole room while you use it. However, please note that the fan does not come with bulbs, so you’ll have to buy your own E26 bulbs.

If you’re looking for a smaller fan to put in your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with this striking design.

Best with Bright Light

Warmiplanet Ceiling Fan with Remote control + Lights, 52 Inches in Brushed Nickel

Product Details:

  • Three brightness levels
  • 52-inches wide, 15-/18-inches high
  • Reversible and quiet motor
  • Brushed nickel design

If you need a bright central light for your kitchen, then this Warmiplanet fan comes with a beautiful LED lamp design. In the center of the four-blade fan design is a large, flat LED bulb. The brushed nickel fan design is already striking, but this light element takes the fan to the next level.

You can turn the fan’s light on and off with the included remote control, and you change the light from anywhere in the room. Also, the fan comes with three modes: cold white, which is 6000k; warm white at 3000k; natural light at 4000k. Each of these light settings will work for a different occasion, letting you customize your kitchen as you see fit.

In addition, the fan is double-sided. You’ll be able to reverse the blades to choose between the white or silver blades. The motor is also reversible, letting you cool down or heat up your kitchen, depending on its temperature. Additionally, this fan’s motor is quiet– it only produces 50db at max speed.

The fan’s remote also comes with buttons to set a timer, so you can leave the fan on for customized periods of time.

The fan is 52-inches in diameter and either 15- or 18-inches in height, depending on which size downrod you choose. If you choose the 5-inch downrod, you’ll receive a fan with a height of 15 inches. If you pick the 8-inch downrod, you’ll receive the larger fan at 18-inches.

Best with Changeable Bulbs

DLLT – 20-Inch Caged Ceiling Fan with Lights

Product Details:

  • 20-in diameter
  • 4 E26 bulbs (not included)
  • 3 speeds
  • Modern cage design

This is a smaller fan that comes with a range of changeable bulbs. The 20-inch caged fan has a unique style and is incredibly modern. The four separate bulbs cast a great deal of light, illuminating your kitchen with ease.

In addition, the super quiet design ensures you can use this fan without disturbing anyone in the kitchen. You can choose from three wind speeds on the remote control.

The fan uses E26 bulbs, and you can customize your bulbs and change them out for unique colors if you want.

Buying Guide

If you need help deciding which of our ceiling fans for kitchens is the right one for you, then take a look at our buying guide.

How to pick the best ceiling fan for your kitchen

Kitchen Ceiling Fan

When picking the best ceiling fan for your kitchen, there are two main things you should take into account: the size of your kitchen and the style of the fan you want. In addition, you should consider if you want your kitchen fan to have any additional elements.


The size of the fan you buy will depend on the size of your kitchen. If you have a very small kitchen, then it would be best to look at some of the smaller models on this list.

Alternatively, if you have a large kitchen, then size constraints won’t apply to you. You’ll be able to buy a fan that is larger, which will better circulate air around the room.

Around 50 inches in diameter and up is a good size for medium and large rooms. Smaller diameters than this will fit better in smaller rooms.


The fans we’ve selected for this list come in a wide range of designs and styles. From nickel designs to pure wood, we’ve tried to include a stylistic range. The fan design you choose will depend on the current style of your kitchen.

When choosing a fan, be sure to match your current aesthetic. A fan that is powerful but severely out of place will end up making your kitchen look strange. Look through the different styles on this list and try to find one that fits with your style goals.

Additional Elements

From remote controls and wall mounts, to LED lights and silent motors, fans can come with a wide range of additional features. While these features aren’t completely necessary, they can give your fan additional uses.

For example, LED lights will give your fan an additional purpose. This can come in handy if you’re short on space. Instead of buying both ceiling lights and a ceiling fan, you can combine these purchases into one.

With that said, fans work perfectly fine without all the additional features. If you’re looking to save a bit of money, then I recommend not paying too much attention to unnecessary additions.

Is it okay to put a ceiling fan in the kitchen?

You can absolutely have a ceiling fan in the kitchen. As long as there is enough space to accommodate the fan safely, it can be a great addition to your kitchen.

What is the best size ceiling fan for a kitchen?

Kitchen Ceiling Fan

The best size ceiling fan for your kitchen will depend on the size of your kitchen. If you have a larger kitchen, I suggest buying a ceiling fan with a diameter over 50 inches. Alternatively, if you have a smaller kitchen, go for one that’s 45 inches or under.

The best way to know for sure is to measure your kitchen. Your ceiling fan should have enough space to spin without getting close to the edges of the room. Try choosing a ceiling fan that’s proportional to your kitchen.

Is it good to have a fan in the kitchen?

Ceiling fans can make a great addition to your kitchen. Not only do they regulate the temperature of a room that can get incredibly hot, but they can also help with smoke control. If your fan has a reversible motor, you’ll also be able to warm up your kitchen in the mornings during the winter months.


Kitchen Ceiling Fan

We’ve compiled the best ceiling fans for kitchens currently on the market. Having chosen a large selection of styles, price points, and additional features, there should be something for everyone.

Without a doubt, our favorite is the Warmiplanet Ceiling Fan with Lights + Remote Control 48-Inches. This ceiling fan has a range of light levels, allowing you to alternate between bright lights when you’re cooking, or a cooler light for when eating and socializing. The size is also great for a kitchen.

Aside from that fan, all the other ceiling fans on this list will work well in your kitchen. From interesting additional features to their cooling abilities, you’ll be able find a ceiling fan you love on this list.

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