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10 Best Bun Feet for Furniture

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If you’re looking for the best bun feet for furniture, you’ve come to the right place. This article will break down the best bun feet in several different categories. Whether you’re searching for something modern or mid-century, we’ve got you covered.

Dive into the list and find the perfect bun foot set for you!

10 Best Bun Feet for Furniture

10 Best Bun Feet for Furniture

Most pop for DIY painting

Architectural Products by Outwater

Product Details:

  • Mobile and easy to shift
  • You can paint, dye, or use a faux finish
  • Woodgrain texture
  • Hand checked for quality assurance
  • Measures 1-7/8 inch H x 3-5/8 inches in diameter.
  • The base and top side is then slightly smaller at 2-5/8 in.

The best bun feet for furniture with the possibility for DIY painting goes to Outwater. These bun feet come unfinished. That means you can paint or dye the product in whatever shade you desire. Whether you stain it, dye it, or use a faux finish, the product will look exactly how you want it to look.

It uses a natural woodgrain texture. This means that the unfinished product still looks good. Each product is individually inspected for quality assurance. What’s more, each item is hand sanded smooth and ready for your finish.

The product comes in a set of four with insert nuts and a drill bit. The bun foot measures 1-7/8 in. H x 3-5/8 in. Dia. It’s pre-installed 5/16 inch diameter threaded hanger holt. There are 18 threads per inch bolt (5/16-18).

The threaded bolt above the base is between 1 in. to 1-1/8 inch long. Pre-installed ¼ inch. The final product has a thick plastic slide on the bottom, which makes it very easy to move.

Best Dark Walnut Color

New Dimension Bun Feet Dark Walnut

Product Details:

  • Dark walnut color
  • Uses Malaysian rubber wood
  • Colonial style
  • Comes in a pack of four

If you’re looking for a dark walnut bun foot, this is the brand for you. The New Dimension bun feet in dark walnut have a beautiful finish. They couple the dark walnut color with intricate shaping.

The product uses Malaysian rubber wood in a colonial style. You can apply them directly to chairs, sofas, ottomans, beds, and more! Each purchase comes in a set of four.

Great Solid Wood

Elegant Upholstery 3” Turned Round Walnut Furniture Buns

Product Details:

  • 3 Inches H
  • Top diameter = 4-1/8 inches
  • Widest point = 4-7/8 inches
  • Bolt thread = 5/16 in.
  • Bolt length = 1-1/8 in.

Elegant Upholstery have produced a beautiful solid wood furniture bun. Each product comes in a set of four buns. You can apply each of these directly to your furniture.

The product measures 3 inches in height. The top diameter is 4-1/8 inches. The widest diameter is 4-7/8 inches. Finally, the bolt thread is 5/16 in and the bolt length is 1-1/8 in.

Best Rubber wood Option

Btibpse 4” Furniture Legs in Unfinished Wood

Product Details:

  • Malaysian rubber wood
  • Light color
  • Height = 4 inches
  • Largest diameter = 3-5/8 in.

When looking for a rubberwood option, you can’t go wrong with this product by Btibpse. Btibpse crafts this project from Malaysian rubber wood. The final design is striking in a light color. You can apply them straight to couches, sofas, chairs, beds, and more!

The product is 4 inches tall and is 3-5/8 in. in diameter at the widest point. The top diameter is 2-5/8 inches. Each purchase comes in a set of four, one for each leg. This is a great product if you’re looking for a lighter rubber wood.

Best Eucalyptus Wood Option

Doublelife Furniture Legs Eucalyptus Wood Round Bun Furniture Feet

Product Details:

  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Comes in four colors
  • Will last many years
  • Comes in a pack of four
  • Uses eucalyptus wood

Our choice for best eucalyptus option goes to Doublelife. This brand has crafted a beautiful final product. It even comes in four colors: black, white, dark brown, and red brown. You can also customize the size you order. You can choose 3 x 7cm, 4 x 6.7cm, 8 x 5cm, 9.5 x 5cm, 4 x 7cm, or 9.6 x 5cm.

The customization available for this product is fantastic to see on this list. Doublelife uses the finest eucalyptus wood when making these furniture buns. The product has a high loading capacity and resists splintering. They attest that it will stand the test of many years.

The furniture buns come in a pack of four, one for each leg. These are an easy way to bring some elegance to your home. Each product has 100% quality assurance policy.

Best Pumpkin Style

New Dimension Bun Feet Pumpkin Sofa Legs

Product Details:

  • Uses solid rubber wood
  • Dark walnut stain color
  • Pumpkin shape
  • Comes in a pack of four

When searching for a furniture bun, there are several different styles you can go for. If you specifically want a pumpkin style, this is the brand for you. New Dimension have crafted these out of solid rubber wood. They’re perfect to bring a new element of design into your home.

The product has a dark walnut stain, complementing the pumpkin shape. They come in a pack of four and you can attach them easily.

Most Popular in White

Mysummer Bunfoot Furniture Legs

Product Details:

  • Uses eucalyptus wood
  • High weight capacity
  • Height = 5cm
  • Largest diameter = 9.2cm
  • Slight grain in the final product

Most bunfoot furniture legs come in a dark walnut color. These break that trend, coming in a bright white color. Mysummer uses quality eucalyptus wood in the design. This gives the product a high weight capacity.

The product is very easy to install. It comes with 12 screws, which you can use to attach the product. Each purchase comes in a pack of four bunfeet. The largest diameter of the product is 9.2 cm. The height is 5 cm. They are completely symmetrical and consistent around the whole product.

You can apply these directly to most furniture. Pick from coffee tables, ottomans, loveseats, chairs, sofas, and more! Considering they use natural wood, there may be a slight grain in the product. However, this gives an authentic finish.

Best Chunky Design

AORYVIC 2 Inch Wooden Bun Feet for Furniture in Round

Product Details:

  • Dark walnut color
  • Premium solid wood
  • Height = 2 inches
  • Largest diameter = 3.34 inches
  • Easy to install

This design is perfect is you’re looking for a more chunky finish. AORYVIC makes the product from a premium solid wood. It is then stained with a dark walnut color. It is stable and very durable.

The product is easy to install. Simply run a screw into the pre-drilled holes and then screw them onto your furniture. This will only take a few minutes! The wide base ensures that the product will fit a wide range of furniture. From couches and beds to cabinets and draws, they’ll all fit.

This product is a fantastic way to elevate the style of any piece of furniture. The finish appears in a mid-century modern style. The total height of the bun foot is 2 inches. The widest diameter is 3.34 inches. As you can tell, this gives a chunky base appearance.

Best Multiple Bun Designs

Btibpse Wood Furniture Legs 4 Inch Unfinished Bun Feet

Product Details:

  • Height = 4 inches
  • Widest Diameter = 3 inches
  • 100% solid wood, light color
  • Multiple buns

Stacked designs are coming more into fashion in recent years. This design has two main buns, with a top and bottom indented plate. This gives a cascading impression to the product. Each purchase comes in a pack of four.

The product is 4 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter. These will easily lift your sofa up by a few inches. They are suitable for a wide range of furniture and you can install them easily. Each bun is 100% solid wood. They all come with screws.

Most Elegant Finish

AORYVIC Wood Sofa Legs

Product Details:

  • Either 5 or 6 inches in height
  • Old fashion espresso color
  • Eucalyptus wood
  • Comes in a pack of four
  • Mid-century modern look

This product is truly the most aesthetically pleasing on the list. AORYVIC uses solid eucalyptus wood in the production assembly. The finish is a deep old-fashion espresso color. This, combined with the general shaping, is pleasing to look at.

You can choose between the 5 inch and 6 inch products. This extra height can give ergonomic support. This will prevent knee injuries from being too close to the ground. The design is mid-century and will fit into many distinct aesthetics. The product can fit many types of furniture.

Each purchase comes in a pack of four. You will also receive 4 rubber pads. These will stop any marks occurring on your floor. You also get 12 screws and four insert nuts for the installation process.

Buying Guide

How to pick bun feet for your furniture?

Measure the correct size

When it comes to buying bun feet for your furniture, there are several things to keep in mind. First of all, you need to decide what style you want to go for. Next, you need to establish what size you think would be necessary.

Starting with style, there are several to choose from when it comes to bun feet. You could go for a more bulky finish if you want to be lower to the ground. Alternatively, you could pick a mid-century modern design. If you’re not too sure what would be best for your room, consider the aesthetic already there.

If you have a very modern style, perhaps a taller and more elegant design would work for you. If you prefer a more Victorian style, then a mid-century design would work well. It’s important to choose a color that fits your aesthetic also. Once you’ve established what style you’re going for, you’re ready for the next step.

Next, you need to decide how much height or diameter your product needs. Are you buying bun feet for style or for extra height? If you want to add height, then make sure to pick a larger product. Alternatively, if you only want style, height may not be an important factor.

Once you’ve established these two things, you’re ready to start looking! This list details some of the best bunfeet for different styles. Take a look for one that aligns with what you’re looking for!

Are bun feet out of style?

Although bunfeet were more popular in the past, that does not mean they are completely out of style. They are definitely less popular currently than they have been before. But, that really doesn’t matter! If you enjoy the aesthetic of a bunfoot, current trends shouldn’t stop you from getting some.

Remember that trends come and go. Your own sense of design and style is personal to you and shouldn’t rely on trends.

Are bun feet a good option for sofas?

Bun feet for Couches

Bun feet are a fantastic option for sofas. The vast majority of designs will easily fit to sofas. This makes the installation process very quick.

What’s more, bun feet also help to raise sofas up. If you need some extra room, this can be great for storage. Alternatively, if you have a floor hoover, this extra height makes cleaning a breeze.

They’re definitely a great option for sofas!


This article demonstrates the best bun feet for furniture. We’ve moved across several designs and styles to bring you the best of the best. Once you’ve used our buying guide to establish what you’re looking for, browse the list. You’re sure to find a bun foot set you love. Best of luck searching!

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