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Best Battery Packs for Reclining Sofas

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The best battery pack for a reclining sofa has a high capacity for its price, has some visible gauge to see how much charge is left and is compact enough to fit under a sofa.

When picking the best one these are the three main factors we took into consideration

Based on this our top recommended battery pack for power reclining sofas or power recliners is the HALO Bolt power bank. If you don’t have the two prong adapter your sofa came with you will need to buy an adapter like this one.

You might also be wondering if you can have multiple recliners with a power bank that only has one outlet. You will just have to add this splitter.

If the Halo isn’t available or you prefer a power bank with multiple 120ac outlets then the Powkey battery pack is another solid choice.

There are battery packs marketed specifically for power recliners but we found that their capacity per charge didn’t make them worth it compared to standard battery packs.

Best Battery Packs for Reclining Sofas Reviews


The Halo Bolt battery pack is meant for people who want a small and easy to hide battery pack. If you have only one recliner that needs to be powered with small space to hide a battery pack and want a budget option this is a good choice.

Best Overall Battery Pack for Reclining Sofas


The Halo Bolt battery pack comes with a 58830 mWh capacity which translates to about 600 mAh. This is about 25 cycles (low capacity).It has one outlet so it’s not an optimal choice if you have multiple recliners.

There is no feature that will alert you if it is running out of battery audibly so you will have to check it. You will need an adapter if your recliner has a two prong connector.

You can get up to 120V output from this device. It measures 7.2 x 1.6 x 3.8 inches making it small and compact. This is ideal if you want a small and easy to hide power bank.

Who is this For & What to Expect?

At about 600mAh this battery pack won’t last the longest of the group so expect to be charging it somewhat frequently. However, if a small battery pack that is easy to hide is important to you this is a solid choice. 

It only comes with one ac plug so keep in mind this is for only one recliner. It’s on the low edge of the prices so it’s also a good budget choice.

Powkey 200Watt Portable Power Bank 

The Powkey Portable Power Bank is a high capacity power bank that comes in a small size. This is our top recommended power bank for those that don’t want to worry about constantly recharging. 

Best Power Bank with Multiple Outlets


The Powkey portable power bank comes with a 42000 mAh power capacity. This should be enough to last 2100 cycles of a recliner (several months). However, the capacity can be a bit overstated and you should expect somewhat less.

There are 2 AC outlets on this power bank and it can go up to 200 watts. It will show you how much capacity is left at 25%, 50%, and 75%.  You will need an adapter if your power recliner uses a two pronged connector. 

It measures 7.87in x 1.81 x by 5.71 in making it somewhat sizable but it does pack a surprising capacity for its size. 

Who is this For & What to Expect?

This high capacity power supply is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to constantly worry about recharging their battery pack. The capacity will make it last for good amount of time. 

It has two outlets so it has the benefit of powering multiple units. Keep in mind if you can’t hide the cables between separate recliners, it won’t be a completely clean look. This  will still look better than having a cable running from the wall. 

Limoss Battery Pack for Reclining Furniture

The Limoss battery pack doesn’t have as many features as other similar battery packs and a lower capacity. It’s an okay battery pack but we found there are better options for the money.


Coming in with a 1800 mAh capacity this battery pack will last about 80 cycles or a month for most people. If you have multiple reclining seats in your sofa expect less depending on how many family members use it. 

This battery pack comes prepared to attach straight to your power recliner and will be able to be used for one sofa. If you have multiple recliners or power sofas you will need to purchase multiple battery packs.

There is no alert to let you know when it’s running low so you will have to check. It’s not great that it doesn’t display how much capacity is left. You should set a reminder every couple of weeks to charge it overnight.

You won’t need an adapter for most sectionals as this will come with everything you need. 

Who is this For & What to Expect?

If you’re looking for a battery pack that is straightforward to use and won’t require additional adapters the Limoss battery pack is an okay choice.

We don’t like that there is no audible alert when it’s running low on power and the only way to tell it needs to be charged is a red light. It also doesn’t display it’s current capacity.

This can only plug in to one sofa so you will need multiple packs if you have more than one sofa or a sofa and power recliner. 

It’s small size is great for tucking it away.

Lavolta Battery Pack for Recliners

The Lavolta battery pack is good for those that want an easy and straightforward experience with convenience features. It will alert you when low on power and has 3 lights that will show what capacity the battery is currently at. It has a good capacity for its size as 2200mAh or a few weeks to a month of use.

Best Ready to Use Battery Bank (if your sofa is compatible)


With 2200 mAh capacity this lavolta power bank should last you about 100-120 cycles of your recliners. This translates to about a month for a family of 2 using it two recliners per day or less for a bigger family. 

It comes reader to plug into a standard two prong power recliner connection so no additional adapter is necessary. 

This unit will audibly alert you when it’s low on power which is a nice convenience feature. This unit can be plugged in to one sofa so you will need multiple if you have multiple power sofas or recliners

It comes in at 7.87 x 3.94 x 1.97inches making it easy to fit under any piece of furniture.

Who is this For & What to Expect?

For those that want a battery pack that comes straight out the box with a decent capacity and fair price, you’ll get it with the Lavolta. 

The three lights that show where it currently is on it’s charge and the audible alert when it’s low on power are two great convenience features.

It’s capacity is fair and should last a couple weeks to a month between charges. Some have found it’s quality to be on the low side so make sure to inspect your unit before use. 

Staigo Battery for Power Recliner

The Staigo Battery is an option for those that just need a replacement battery and already have a charger and necessary adapters. There are no convenience features with this one so it’s good if you’re willing to compromise for a cheaper option.


Staigo offers a battery pack that has a current 2500mAh capacity which is pretty good for it’s size. It will charge one sofa or recliner per pack so you will need a splitter to charge multiple with one unit.

A splitter has to run through the floor so you will see cables between your recliners or sofas if you chose this method.

This battery pack will not audibly alert you when it needs to be charged which isn’t too convenient. It only has one light to display when it needs charging so it’ll be hard to know when it’s time. You can set an alarm for every couple of weeks to remind yourself. 

This is a bare bones battery pack and won’t come with a charger or adapter so expect to pay more for those if you need them.

Who is this For & What to Expect?

If you just need a replacement battery for your power reclining sofa and already have any needed chargers and adapters this is a good option for you. 

It’s the lower cost per mVAh battery pack so if you want to save and have the necessary accessories you should get it. 

You’ll need a splitter if you want to connect to more than one recliner or power reclining sofa. The 2500mAh capacity should last over a month for a family of 2 and less if you have a larger family. 

If you want to get an audible alert or know how much capacity is left on your battery visually you won’t find it with the Staigo and should go with another option.

Raffel Rechargeable Battery Pack 

The Raffel is a battery pack that does it’s job. There’s no added convenience features like an alarm to let you know when it’s low on battery. Overall, if you just want a battery pack it’s okay but we would recommend others before this one.


The Raffaell battery has a 2000mAh capacity which will make it last a couple weeks to a month. It will work for one power recliner or power recline sofa and will need a splitter to connect to one sofa. 

It doesn’t come with any additional adapters so make sure the connection works with your power reclining sofa. 

There is no audible alarm to let you know it needs to be charged so you’ll have to set an alarm to remind yourself to recharge it. We don’t recommend letting it get low on power as that is bad for the battery.

It’s connection type will fit some power recliners however not some of the newer lazy boy models.

The battery can reach full charge in 5 hours making it a pretty quick to charge battery. Most people charge them overnight while they sleep so it’s not a big deal.

Who is this For & What to Expect?

This Raffell battery pack offers okay capacity at an okay price point. It’s similar to what you get with the Stagio but the charging cables are included and the capacity is left.

There is no audible alarm to alert you when it needs to be charged and there’s no way to tell at what capacity it is currently charged too. You would have to set an alarm to remind yourself to charge it every couple of weeks.

If you want to power more than one recliner with this battery pack you will need a splitter. 

GrantMaya Portable Ac Power Bank

If you want a power bank that will last the longest between charges making it the most convenient to use then this is the power bank for you. It comes in at a whopping 64,800 mAh capacity that guarantees it’ll last for a couple months even for the most heavily used power recliner. Keep in mind you will need an adapter to connect it to your recliner if you don’t have the one it came with.


The GranMaya power bank has a big 64,800 mAh capacity that will help it last for months without having to charge it. This should last for 3000 power recliner cycles at least a few months of usage without having to charge again.

There are 2 outlets on this power bank so you can plug in up to two separate power recliners or sofas into it. You can power more if you purchase a splitter.

There’s no audible alert for when it’s running low on power so you’ll have to check it to see how much capacity is left. It does have a 25/50/75% capacity indicator which is handy. Due to the batteries capacity we don’t see the lack of an audible low battery alert as a big con for this one.

You will have to purchase an adapter for this battery pack depending on which kind of connector your recliner uses or if  your recliner doesn’t already come with one. 

This battery bank measures at 7.87 x 7.87 x 3.15 inches and weigh 5lbs which is on the bigger side of our list but will fit under most sofas and recliners.

Who is this For & What to Expect?

If you’re looking for a power bank that will last as long as possible between charges then the GrantMaya is the model for you. We like it versus other models because of its compact size for it’s capacity.

It’s great to have an audible alert when it’s low on power but with just a high capacity just charging it monthly isn’t a big deal. Another perk of the size is it can handle modern power recliners that have USB outlets for charging phones. 

This can put a strain on smaller batteries but the GrantMaya won’t be hindered.

Battery Pack for Power Reclining Sofa Buying Guide

What to Consider Before Buying a Battery Pack for Your Power Recliner


How often do you want to have to charge your battery pack? 2200 mAh capacity will equal about 100 cycles (reclining in and out) on one seat. 

100 cycles will last about 2 months for a family of 2 or 1 month for a family of 4. This will vary depending on how often the seats are used and whether each family member has a power reclining seat.

This estimate is based off of 2 in and out recliners per day per family member. 

If you don’t want to worry about recharging your pack as often then spend the money on a higher capacity battery. 

Personally, I hate having to worry about charging so I recommend you go with the highest capacity for the money. This is especially true if you have multiple recliners.

Charge Time

Charge time shouldn’t be a major concern for most people as you will charge it overnight and most charge within 8 hour. However, different batteries come with different charge times and it may be important to you depending on your situation. 


A subtle but beneficial feature I recommend is having a battery pack that has an alarm for when it’s low on charge.

Some visually display this but battery packs are generally kept under sofas and aren’t seen. An alarm is handy so you know when to recharge without having to check.


How much space do you have under your sectional? It’s important to measure prior to buying a battery pack to ensure if fits under if you’re looking for a no cable look.

What Power Reclining Sofas Are These Battery Pack Ups Good For?

Most furniture brands will work with these battery back ups. You may need to purchase the appropriate adapter depending on what type of connector your power recliner uses. They Will also work as a battery back up for power lift chairs.

  • Ashley Furniture Battery Pack
  • Electric Recliner Power Supply
  • Power Lift Battery Pack Up
  • Lazy Boy Power Recliner Battery Back Up
  • And more

Do You Need an Adapter for a Power Reclining Sofa Battery Pack?

There are battery packs that come with the appropriate 2 prong connector to go directly into a sofa. 

However, some we recommend do not and will require an adapter. These tend to be higher capacity so they’re still worth the money despite you needing an adapter.

Battery Back Up for Power Recliner, How Many do You Need?

If you have multiple recliners you’ll be wondering if it’s worth it to get more than one. Some of the battery packs we recommend have multiple outlets so you will be able to plug in multiple recliners into one.

You need to consider buying multiple for two reasons. Either you want to have a back up fully charged to never risk running low (this can be a pain if you plan on having company over for a game and forget to charge)

The second reason is if you have multiple recliners that don’t connect and want a truly seamless look. The main point of having a battery pack is to avoid wires and you’ll have to run wires between the reclining sofas defeating the purpose.

However, one can still work if it’s easy to keep it hiding under a side table or other piece of furniture and you don’t mind seeing some cables.

How do You Charge a Battery Pack Back Up for a Power Recliner?

Always charge the battery pack to full capacity before using it. Partially charging before use can damage the battery and cause it to lose capacity quicker than fully charged.

Also, charge after the battery alerts you that it’s time. Letting it full drain can also lower it’s life expectancy. 

Voltage Requirement

Most recliners require 100-120v power output. Check yours before ordering.

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