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5 Best Basement Odor Eliminators

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If you basement has suddenly started smelling bad, you may need an odor eliminator. This list has the 5 best odor eliminators currently on the market. They will get rid of the scent and keep your home as fresh as can be.

Let’s jump right into the list!

5 Best Basement Odor Eliminators

5 Best Basement Odor Eliminators

Best Overall for a Musty Basement

DampRid Moisture Absorber Odor Eliminator

Product Details:

  • Prevents mold and mildew by trapping damp air and moisture
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Measures 13.8 L x 10 W x 4.5 H
  • 6 per pack
  • 3 x Vanilla and Lavender scent + 3 x Fresh Scent
  • Non-toxic crystals
  • Tamper resistant lid
  • Refillable

If you have a musty basement, this is our number 1 recommendation. This product comes in a 6 pack, with two main scents. You will receive one profile of lavender and vanilla. You will also receive one of ‘Fresh Scent’ when you purchase from DampRid. Three of them will be lavender and vanilla and three will be Fresh Scent.

The product works by preventing mildew and mold. These are the common causes of damp odors, making the smells spot entirely. DampRid recommends you use these all over the house. Use it in basements, cabinets, bathrooms, and more. Wherever you believe a bad smell is developing is a great place to put one of these down.

They are small products, meaning they can fit into tight spaces. They measure 13.8 L x 10 W x 4.5 H. Each of those measurements is in inches. The product will attract and trap moisture, working to prevent a damp buildup.

Another great thing about this product is that you can refill them. Not only does this cut down on environmental waste, but it will save you money in the long run.

Alongside this, they are non-toxic crystals. They come with a tamper resistant lid. This will ensure that they remain inside their designated boxes.

Best Activated Charcoal Odor Eliminator

Naturally Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

Product Details:

  • Subtle design will blend in with décor
  • 200g in weight
  • Measure 4.72 L x 4.72 W x 5.12 H inches
  • Covers 100 square feet per bag
  • Can use one bag for up to two years
  • Reactivate each month by leaving in the garden for an hour
  • 100% organic and chemical free
  • Eliminates odors, not just masking them
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Prevents the spread and development of mildew and mold

There is a reason this product is the #1 best seller in home charcoal air purifiers. The product is fantastically effective, and provides a natural way to clean your air. They come in a pack of four. Each one is full of 200g of naturally activated charcoal. You will receive four colors. You get green, grey, blue, and red.

The product works by removing odors from wherever you place them. Considering they are not particularly large, you can fit them into small spaces. They measure 4.72 L x 4.72 W x 5.12 H inches. One of these will cover around 100 square feet of scent protection.

What’s more, you can use these for up to two years. That’s even without a diminishing amount of scent protection. Simply reactivate the charcoal once every month. This will keep your home fresh, dry, and free from bad odors. The bags work by preventing both spread and growth of mold and mildew.

The product is completely non-harmful, meaning you can prevent scents without harm. The bamboo charcoal bag is four times better than regular charcoal. They use sustainable Moso bamboo. This form of bamboo uses high temperature oxygen free cabonization. This means that they will eliminate odors, not just mask them.

To recharge your charcoal, simply place the bags for an hour in direct sunlight. Place the bag outside on a clear, sunny day and let them reactivate. They are 100% organic and chemical free. This means that they are safe around pets and children. You’ll never have to use dangerous chemical air fresheners again!

Alongside all of this, they also offer an 100% money back guarantee. You don’t have to worry about the effectiveness of the bags as they offer you money back. If you aren’t satisfied, simply request your money back for the product. You can choose a refund or replacement pathway.

Strongest Industrial Strength

Van Den Heuvels R86 Industrial Odor Eliminator and Neutralizer

Product Details:

  • Comes two per purchase
  • Can apply dry or wet
  • Apply to literally anything and will remove the scent
  • Non-toxic and safe around children and pets
  • Biodegradable and cruelty-free
  • Non-flammable
  • Uses 30+ plant oils and salt granules
  • Fast working, removing scents in 15 minutes

If you’re looking for an industrial strength odor eliminator, this product is for you. The product is incredibly powerful. You’ll be able to completely eliminate any odor you face. Even strong scents like rodents or skunk will not be able to stand this product.

You can apply this product dry, straight to the location of the smell. Alternatively, you could mix this in with some water to produce a form of spray. Similarly, you can add it to laundry, carpet, or shampoo. Considering that it ships in a pack of two, you’ll have plenty to work with.

The product is 30+ plant-based oils that infuse salt granules. These deliver a fragrant scent that will couple with odor and break it down. This is a natural process. When you first apply the product, it will smell fairly strong. However, once the product starts working, it will reduce in scent. Eventually, it will eliminate all scents all together.

The product is incredibly fast working. It will eliminate any scent in under 15 minutes. Considering you can use it in wet or dry form, you really can use this anywhere. Simply carry it in your car or bag and use it wherever you need to.

You can apply this on sweat, gas, sour liquids, month balls, pets, mildew, vomit, and more. Any strong scent will easily go after a few minutes.

Alongside all this, the product is non-toxic. The R86 product is safe for use around pets and children. It is even cruelty-free and biodegradable. It is non-flammable and will mix well with other products.

Best Natural Option

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel

Product Details:

  • 15 or 30-ounces
  • Completely natural
  • Non-GMO, non-toxic, non-hazardous
  • Safe for people, the planets, and pets
  • EPA Safer Choice Label
  • Eliminates scents quickly and effectively

If you’re looking to get rid of an odor using natural products, Fresh Wave is for you. You can select between two sizes, either the 15-ounce or 30-ounce product. It will easily eliminate any scent from cooking, the trash, and more.

The gel works fantastically on pet odor as well. You can get rid of any scent from a pet mess or any lingering scent in the bathroom. Simply apply the gel wherever the bad odor is the strongest. It even works on smaller scents, you can use it on cigarette odors.

Fresh Wave Gels recently obtained a Safer Choice Label from the EPA. That’s due to the fact that they are non-GMO, non-hazardous, and non-toxic. They are safe for the planet, pets, and people.

The product uses a range of natural ingredients. These range from pine needle and lime to cedarwood and anise! Due to this, the gels have a nature scent that will linger. However, this should only stay shortly as the smell will then evaporate. The final scent will just be clear and fresh.

Best Pet Safe

Gonzo Odor Eliminator – Basement, Garage, and Safe for Pets

Product Details:

  • Completely natural
  • Non-toxic, Non-GMO
  • Recyclable
  • Rechargeable in direct sunlight
  • Can use for up to two years
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Completely safe for pets

If you have pets and want to ensure their safety, we recommend Gonzo. Gonzo odor eliminators comes in a 32 ounce bag, which is a pack of two. You can use it in a huge range of areas. From the basement to the back of your car. No matter where you place this, it will get rid of the scent.

Considering the shape of the product, you can hang it up or sit it on the floor. Either way will be 100% effective and get rid of bad odors. The product is non-toxic and uses volcanic minerals.

These contain an electrical charge that will act as a magnet. It will start attracting and holding unpleasant odors. These eliminating rocks are very effective when it comes to musty or moldy basements.

The product is completely safe for pets. That’s because it is an all natural material that is non-toxic. It’s even chemical free! These rocks provide a great alternative to chemical scent removers.

The product is all natural, not including any perfumes or cover up scents. If you are sensitive to scents or have allergies, this will really come in handy. You can even recycle and reuse the products. You just need to leave the bag outdoors every 6-12 months. The sunlight will restore the effectiveness.

In total, you could make these products last for up to two entire years.

Buying Guide

How to pick the best basement odor eliminator?

When considering which odor eliminator is right for you, there are two questions. First of all, you should ask yourself if you need to accommodate for pets of children. Second of all, you should ask yourself what kind of odors you’ll be dealing with.

First up, pets and children. If you have pets or children, you may want to opt for one of the safer options. For example, select a natural option that will clean the air without any chemicals. The majority on this list are suitable for at home use with kids and children.

However, if this isn’t a concern for you, you can go for a stronger defence. An industrial option will eliminate any scents. This will ensure your house is smelling great.

Additionally, you should consider what scents you need to defend from. If you only want to deal with damp, all of the ones on this list are suitable. However, if you’re working with rodent mess or worse, I would suggest you go for an industrial option. These stronger options will help prevent bad smells from within your house.

If you only need to work with basic bad odors, you can choose any on this list.

What normally causes a basement to start smelling and have a bad odor?

Eliminate Odors

Mositure normally collects in a basement. This damp provides a breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria multiply and cause mold and mildew. Over time, this will begin to smell bad.

The items on this list work by stopping that initial moisture from collecting.

Do dehumidifiers also help in removing odors from basements, and should you also buy one? (recommend one if yes).

Dehumidifiers work by stopping moisture from collecting. Due to this, they will provide a similar effect as the items on this list. If you really want a clean smelling home, invest in both.

The Inofia 30 Pint Humidifier is a great option if you’re looking for one. This will fight dampness alongside your odor repellent investments.

Are odor eliminators enough or will I also need an air filter and an ozone purifier to remove the odor from my basement?

Odor eliminators are certainly enough. Especially if you combine with a dehumidifier. If you want to treat the root of the problem, find where the damp is coming from. If no damp gets into your basement, then no bacteria will from. This will stop odors from happening in the first place


Eliminate odors from basements

This list has the 5 best basement odor eliminators. Each of these is excellent, working to keep your home smelling fresh. Consult the buying guide and then take your pick of one of these 5 choices!

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