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The Best Air Freshener for the Bathroom

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Okay, let’s be honest. The bathroom can get quite smelly at times. Flushing bulk waste can throw particulates in the air, leaving a lingering scent. Using an effective air freshener can keep the room smelling clean and fresh.

A quick look on Amazon will show you just how many air fresheners are available. We are looking at five different options. Which one will end up being the best air freshener for the bathroom?

How to Select the Best Air Freshener for the Bathroom

Certain criteria should be considered when comparing air fresheners. Here are the criteria we consider the most important:

Strength of the Air Freshener

Some air fresheners have a mild scent, while others are noticeably stronger. Many people prefer the milder scents. There are certain times, however, when a stronger scent may be needed. For example, if you have an older home that has a lingering musty odor, you may need a stronger air freshener to get rid of those persistent odors.

How It Smells

The smell of the air freshener is an important consideration. A quick review of air freshener types show that some have no detectable odor. Others have a mild neutral scent. Still others have a specific smell.

Which one is right for you? That’s an entirely personal choice. You might want a light floral scent or something that smells like an ocean breeze. On the other hand, you might want an air freshener that doesn’t smell like anything.


How big is the space you want to use the air freshener in? You need to choose a product that can handle that amount of space. If the product can’t handle the square footage, you may find yourself over-spraying to get rid of the odors. If the product is made for larger areas and you put it in a small bathroom, you may find the scent becomes overwhelming.

With a spray air freshener, you can determine how much to spray by experimenting a few times. If you go with an automatic or passive air freshener option, you need to see how much coverage it provides.


Air fresheners can be made from natural or artificial ingredients. They can also be a combination of both. Before you bring one into your home, find out what the ingredients are. You will be breathing the air that contains this product. Special care should be taken when using the product around people with lung issues or young children.

Natural ingredients can effectively freshen the air. However, in certain circumstances, they may not be strong enough to provide the results you are looking for. In those cases, you should consider other options.

How Long Does It Last

Simply put, do you need to use the air freshener multiple times a day just to manage the odors? With some air fresheners, all you need to do is set it up and let it do the work automatically. They offer continuous coverage. Other products, however, last for only a short time. Sprays are a good example of this. The air freshener spray may only last a few minutes.

Automatic vs Manual

As stated above, you will find air freshening options on the market that require only an initial setup. These automatic options can either be active or passive. The active air fresheners usually expel a small amount of the product at a predetermined interval. Passive air fresheners use the natural flow of air to do their job.

A manual air freshener requires human intervention every time it’s used. It’s easy to forget it. However, it allows the user to control the amount of the product used.

What Type of Air Freshener Do You Want

You will find numerous options when it comes to air freshener types. Let’s look at some of the most popular choices.

  • Manual sprays offer a quick way to get rid of odors. A quick spritz and you have made a difference. Some sprays have a neutral scent, while others have a distinct smell.
  • Automatic spray systems emit a small amount of scent at a predetermined time interval. These systems help keep the bathroom smelling good, no matter what happens inside its walls.
  • Pre-use spray is also known as pre-poo spray. Before sitting down on the commode, the user sprays the product inside the toilet bowl. It helps keep the odors from spreading outside the bowl.
  • Air purifying bags often contain ingredients that naturally absorb odors. Bamboo charcoal is a popular choice. These bags are long lasting and proven effective.
  • Pluggable air fresheners are electronic devices that use a number of technologies to handle foul odors. They plug into any standard electrical outlet.
  • Scented candles are a traditional option for freshening the air. These candles emit a scent as they burn down. The scent can mask the odors in the bathroom.
  • Ioniziing air fresheners circulate air through the device. They use oxygen to help eliminate odors.

The Comparison

We are looking at five different air fresheners for the bathroom. Which one will be our winner?

Citrus Magic Natural Odor Eliminating Air Freshener

The Citrus Magic Natural Odor Eliminating Air Freshener uses 100% active ingredients made from pure and natural oils. This aerosol spray eliminates foul odors on contact. The spray is supposed to last four times longer than other aerosol air fresheners.

This air freshener doesn’t just mask odors. The natural citrus oils neutralize odor producing particles on contact. It leaves behind a fresh, natural citrus scent that’s non-irritating.

It is a manual non-aerosol spray can. Users can apply the spray before sitting down on the toilet. It’s also effective as an airborne mist to eliminate lingering odors. Due to the strength of the citrus smell, a small amount goes a long way. It’s available other scents including Lavender Escape, Lemon Berry, Orange Zest, Orange-Vanilla Swirl, Pink Grapefruit, Tropical Citrus Blend, and Tropical Lemon.

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  • Fresh citrus scent provides a clean, fresh smell
  • Eliminates odor on contact
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Can be applied as a pre-use spray or as an airborne air freshener
  • Uses essential oils to do the job
  • A small amount goes a long way


  • Spray nozzles can break off during initial use

Febreze AIR Freshener Heavy Duty Crisp Clean

The Febreze AIR Freshener Heavy Duty Crisp Clean uses odor clearing technology to eliminate and clean away the foul smells of your bathroom. It’s a good choice for situations where you need heavy-duty odor fighting. It neutralizes the worst odors and leave behind a fresh scent.

The manufacturer recommends spraying the air with a sweeping motion. That distributes the mist around the room. It’s best to start using it lightly and spray more if the fresh application doesn’t do the job. The scent left behind can last for several hours.

This product uses a natural propellant to extract the product from the canister. The can does not tell if the odor elimination ingredients are natural or artificial.

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  • Can eliminate tough odors with a minimal amount of spray
  • Easy to use canister
  • Natural propellant that includes no CFCs
  • Works quickly to neutralize odors


  • Fragrance can be quite strong in confined spaces
  • Can leave behind a residue

Thai Lemongrass Linen and Room Spray

The Thai Lemongrass Linen and Room Spray from Positive Essence uses natural essential oils to fight tough odors. The light crisp scent of lemongrass is pleasant without being overpowering.

It’s a natural spray that’s free of sulfates, petroleum-based chemicals, silicone, parabens, and artificial fragrances. It contains no harsh chemicals and has never been tested on animals. The manufacturer makes the product in small batches using strict quality controls. They obtain their ingredients from sustainable sources.

One or two pumps is enough to freshen the air in most bathrooms. The scent can linger for a few hours after use, though it gets lighter over time. The lemongrass essential oil may help lift spirits, invigorate the mind, and induce relaxation.

It can be used after flushing or spritzed on towels for a lingering fresh smell.

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  • Light crisp scent of natural lemongrass
  • Helps eliminate tough bathroom odors
  • Hand blended batches using strict quality control
  • Never been tested on animals
  • Free of parabens, harsh chemicals, and sulfates
  • Ingredients come from sustainable sources
  • Available in other fragrances


  • Packaging can leak

Glade Automatic Spray Holder and Hawaiian Breeze Refill Starter Kit

The Glade Automatic Spray Holder and Hawaiian Breeze Refill Starter Kit offers convenience with the scent of fruits and flowers. The kit includes the automatic spray unit, one spray refill, and the batteries needed to get it running.

This automatic spray unit handles the tough odor fighting automatically. It can be set to work every 9, 18, or 36 seconds. Once it’s set, it will do its work without the need for human intervention. The refill can provide scent for up to 60 days, depending on how often the product is distributed. The batteries will need to be replaced on occasion. Because it’s battery operated, the entire unit is easy to move from one room to another as needed.

The fragrance brings together the scent of pineapples, peach, mango, berries, and hints of tropical flowers. It does contain acetone and uses isobutane as a propellant. The label contains a fragrance allergen alert.

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  • Automatic spray that eliminates manual use
  • Can be set to distribute the mist every 9, 18, or 36 seconds
  • Can provide up to 60 days before needing to be refilled
  • Kit comes with batteries and refill included
  • Notes of tropical fruits and flowers


  • Contains acetone and propane
  • Uses isobutane as propellant
  • Expels mist with a strong hissing noise

Crown Choice Madagascar Cookie Vanilla Cinnamon Air Freshener

The Crown Choice Madagascar Cookie Vanilla Cinnamon Air Freshener neutralizes strong odors using natural essential oils. Its main ingredients are natural plant-based essential oils. It’s safe for use in almost every room of your home.

This air freshener spray has no animal by-products or synthetic chemicals. It’s vegan, biodegradable, and eco-friendly. It uses no artificial perfumes or fragrances. The spray is hypoallergenic and phthalate free.

The manufacturer recommends spraying the mist in a sweeping motion anywhere it’s needed for odor elimination. Its fragrance isn’t strong, but it is refreshing. In a room without a lot of breeze, the scent can linger for a few hours. Hints of vanilla and cinnamon create the smell of fresh baked cookies.

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  • Uses natural plant-based essential oils
  • Safe for use around children and pets
  • Vegan, biodegradable, and eco-friendly
  • No artificial perfumes or fragrances
  • Light, fresh smell of vanilla and cinnamon
  • One pump is enough to fight most odors


  • Fragrance is easily lost in a larger room

The Winner Is…

After comparing all five products, we found the Citrus Magic Natural Odor Eliminating Air Freshener is the clear winner. It uses citrus essential oils to eliminate odors and leave behind a fresh scent that’s non irritating.

Its a highly concentrated product which means a little goes a long way. A single bottle can last for months in a small bathroom. The scent lingers for a number of hours after use. That’s much better than the quick scent loss from the Thai Lemongrass and Madagascar Cookie air fresheners. The natural scent is a better alternative to the chemical smells of the Fabreze and Glade air fresheners.

This product’s use of natural essential oils is a big plus. It does not contain petroleum based chemicals or artificial propellants. The Fabreze and Glade products contained several artificial ingredients that are major irritants and allergens.

The Citrus Magic Natural Odor Eliminating Air Freshener does have some problems. It is not vegan and not certified cruelty free. It also has an ongoing issue with faulty spray nozzles that come broken during shipping. We think the product’s strong points, however, outweigh these issues.

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