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4 Reasons Bedrooms Above Garages are Cold

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Today’s second-story homes use the garage to add extra square footage to the home. Most of those rooms above the garage are bedrooms. While that seems like a good idea for adding more space to your home, there are difficulties with room temperature.

But, why are bedrooms above garages cold? And, what can you do to fix that issue? We’ll provide some solutions to resolve that issue so you can enjoy that bedroom again.

Are Bedrooms Above Garages Cold?

Beautiful home with a room above the garage

Not only are bedrooms above a garage cold, but they’re likely the coldest room in the house because of their location. Those extremely cold temperatures would make anyone dread living in a bedroom above a garage.

Shockingly, adding a window won’t help with the chill in the room. And, a heating unit can’t warm the space when air constantly seeps into the room from the floor.

Why Is the Bedroom Above My Garage So Cold?

A bedroom above the garage

Garage Humidity

Cold air in the garage seeps into the upstairs bedroom. So, anytime the garage is cold downstairs, the bedroom will be cold upstairs.

Then, once that cold air reaches the bedroom, it’s stuck with nowhere to go. Once it’s trapped, it’s tough to get the cold air out of the room.

Room Structure

Most bedroom walls attach to adjacent walls within the house. The walls in the bedroom above the garage double as exterior walls, thus exposing the room to the outdoors. You feel the cold air directly from the outside, and it also enters through the windows.

The second part of the room structure is the triangular roofline. Since the bedroom is at the top of the house and not connected to the attic, the ceiling roof doubles as the ceiling. The ceiling roof may also be a flat surface with an attic-like crawlspace above it. Because of the bedroom ceiling’s triangular structure, it may not have adequate insulation. 

Older homes have knee walls that make the bedroom extremely cold. Knee walls are three-inch structures on the side where the attic slope meets the wall. It does not contain enough insulation to block out outdoor air and garage air.

Inadequate Insulation and Ductwork

The insulation provided for flooring, walls, and roofs in the bedroom is not adequate. It’s the minimum coverage most rooms get. However, a bedroom above a garage is not most rooms. The room structure exposes it to the elements and air in the garage, so it needs even more insulation.

As far as ductwork, vents and air ductwork pipes need to flow through the room. Because of its location, the bedroom requires more airflow into the room than other rooms. However, the bedroom has no air or not enough air coming in. Be sure to clean out the duct and vents for maximum airflow.


While chilly air rises, gravity pulls insulation downward. It pulls apart the floor insulation and the bedroom floor to create a gap. That gap gives cool air an opening to squeeze past insulation to the floor above. Installing insulation is about keeping both parts together without gravity ripping them apart. 

What Areas in a Bedroom Above a Garage Need Insulation?

Wall insulation foam

A professional needs to take special care when insulating a room above the garage. No insulation is too much for a bedroom that has to deal with harsh temperature conditions. Before installing insulation to a bedroom above a garage, you need to know the target areas.

Floor Insulation

The floor needs insulation. A thick pad underneath the flooring aids in insulation. Add another warm layer to the bedroom floor by adding a large rug. You can place it underneath the bed or have it as a centerpiece in the room.

Walls and Roofing

Three or four walls face the outdoors, so insulation on the walls facing the outdoors is vital. Additionally, roofing insulation is crucial to protect the room from unwanted air.

Garage Ceiling

Something rarely thought about when insulating is adding it to the garage ceiling. Insulation in the ceiling is an extra layer that blocks unwanted air from entering the bedroom. It helps the bedroom floor insulation reduce the amount of cold air seeping from the floor. Therefore, the garage stays warm during the winter.


Drafty windows contribute to a cold room, but they’re not as important as the previous three areas. Still, the windows bring unwanted cold air into the room. You can insulate them by buying a blackout privacy curtain/drape. You can also cover them with plastic sheeting or stuff the cracks with insulation strips

An interesting suggestion is hanging decorative tapestries on the wall. The tapestry aids in blocking cold air from entering the room, and you can use it instead of artwork. So, it serves two functions in one.

How Do You Insulate a Bedroom Above a Garage?

A man installing insulation foam on bedroom wall

When it comes to insulating the bedroom, garage, ceiling, and roof insulation, it’s best to have an expert do it. An expert can survey the garage for insulation and, if you don’t have insulation, the expert will add insulation to the affected areas. 

Here are the general steps the expert will take when insulating a bedroom above a garage.

  1. Inspect the bedroom and garage for insulation by cutting a hole into the wall cavity. Keep the small or medium-sized cut circle in a safe place. Plywood or drywall garages may have insulation installed, but there are no guarantees. Even if insulation is visible, it doesn’t hurt to add more because the bedroom needs it.
  2. Spray or blow fiberglass, foam, or cellulose inside the hole until it overflows.
  3. Seal up the hole.
  4. Repeat until the entire area contains insulation.

An expert may also take pieces of the floor, ceiling, or roofing off to add insulation underneath. Once complete, the professional will re-install the pieces. Your results and process for insulation vary by wall/floor/ceiling material.


A bedroom above a garage will be much colder than any other room in the house. However, as long as you insulate the room and the garage below it, the bedroom should be a comfortable place that you can enjoy. As long as you insulate the garage ceiling and the bedroom floor, walls, and ceiling, it will provide added space for you and your family.

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