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What Size TV is Right for Your Bedroom?

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It’s important to get the right-size TV for the various rooms in your home. If the TV is too small for the space, people will need to squint. If it’s too big, it could dominate the space. The sweet spot is where you feel engaged without also feeling overwhelmed.

This is especially true for your bedroom, where you want to maintain a sense of peace. You want to feel comfortable watching your TV without feeling like you have to strain yourself to see it. You also don’t want to be surrounded by loud noises and flashing lights when you’re trying to settle in.

Wall-mounted TV in front of bed within a spacious bedroom

What Size Bedroom TV for Design and Viewing?

There is no set rule for what TV size is right for any room. It depends primarily on how far away from it you’ll be when you watch it. To a lesser extent, you’ll also want to get one that doesn’t swallow up a wall and doesn’t get swallowed up by a wall.

Always remember that your bedroom should be a place of peace. You want a space that helps you feel at ease so you can more effortlessly drift off to sleep. So, you’ll want to keep loud noises and bright colors to a minimum.

A basic calculation to determine how big a TV you need is to divide the number of inches you are from the TV when you watch it in half. For example, if you sit six feet away, you’ll want a 36-inch TV. You get that by multiplying six and 12 to get the total number of inches, 72. Then, you cut 72 in half.

Because it’s your bedroom, feel free to go a little smaller. The minimum size should be your distance away divided by 2.5. For a six-foot distance, that’s a 30-inch TV.

What Size TV Looks Best in a Bedroom from a Design Point of View?

When picking a TV for a bedroom, it’s important to know how far away you’ll be while watching it. Since your bedroom should be a place of peace, you also need one that doesn’t dominate the room

When looking for a TV, you’ll want to know how sizing works. A TV is measured from corner to corner. So, a 55-inch television measures 55 inches from the lower left corner to the upper right corner.

The precise length and width are different. For a 55-inch TV, it’s roughly 28 inches by 27 inches. But, make sure you consult the packaging for your TV to get the precise measurements.

You’ll want to know the TV’s measurements because you’ll need an adequate amount of space on your wall to accommodate the TV. Unless your TV is mounted flush to the wall, you’ll want to leave at least six inches around the TV to serve as a frame.

What Size TV Should You Put in a Bedroom Based on Viewing Distance?

There are a lot of different kinds of TVs available today. Some models are designed for home theaters and, therefore, require greater distances between the viewer and the TV set. If you sit too close, you’ll see individual pixels.

You won’t want that kind of TV for your bedroom. You’ll probably want a pretty basic model that helps you relax and unwind after a long day.

A good rule-of-thumb is to divide the distance in inches from the TV to where you’ll watch it from in half. So, six feet of distance, or 72 inches, would require a 36-inch set

Dividing distance by 2.5 will give you a good minimum size. Since bedrooms are meant for relaxing, this might be a better choice for you. For six feet of distance, this translates into a 30-inch screen.

Don’t forget that there will be more distance if you mount the TV high on a wall compared to it sitting on a stand.

TV remote in front of blurred image of a TV

Is a 32-Inch TV Big Enough for a Bedroom?

Picking the right size TV varies by taste. So, you may want to skip the math altogether and get a good estimate for your bedroom TV size.

32 inches is a good, basic size for a bedroom TV. Bedrooms aren’t very big and usually, you don’t have a lot of people in them. Plus, you want a TV that isn’t quite as immersive as one used for entertainment.

Let’s do a quick calculation to explain it. Let’s say you mount a TV six feet away at the end of your bed. That’s 72 inches. A good guide to know what size TV you want is to divide that by two, which comes out to a 36-inch set.

In your bedroom, you’ll want something slightly smaller, so adjust the figure you’re dividing with to 2.5, which comes out to about 30. So, a 32-inch TV works. It all depends on what you want in the space and what will work best for your bedroom.

Is a 40-inch TV Good for a Bedroom?

It’s pretty obvious, but smaller TVs work best in smaller rooms. The general size range for smaller TVs is 32-40 inches, so a set in that range is great for smaller rooms like kitchens and bedrooms.

A 40-inch TV is at the high end of that range, so for small bedrooms, it might be a bit too large. But, if you mount a TV high up on a wall, that will increase the viewing distance from your pillow to the screen. That is a good solution if you want a bigger screen without sacrificing viewing quality.

Is a 43-Inch TV Good for a Bedroom?

Bedrooms are among the smallest rooms in your home because they’re intended for two people at the most. They’re intimate places for you and your partner. Smaller rooms call for smaller TVs.

A 43-inch set is at the bigger end of small TVs, so if you want something a bit larger, but still not overwhelming, it’s a good choice. That’s especially true in a master bedroom, which is usually the biggest bedroom in the house.

Is a 50-Inch TV Too Big for a Bedroom?

We can understand the desire to put as big a TV as you can find in every room. But, in reality, you want to right-size your set with the room. In bedrooms, you want something that won’t keep you up at night.

A 50-inch TV is too big for most bedrooms. There isn’t enough space in the room. Not only will it disrupt your ability to relax, but it might be so close that you can see individual pixels on the set.

However, there are some people with giant bedrooms that have a lot of space between the bed and where the TV is mounted. In those cases, you might need a 50-inch TV in order to see what’s happening on the screen.


A basic measurement to calculate a good TV size for your bedroom starts with figuring out how far from the TV you’ll be when you watch it. Take that distance, convert it to inches and divide it. That’s the right size TV for your bedroom.

You can adjust that based on your room, where your bed sits, and how it will fit into your overall decor scheme. Your bedroom should be a place of peace and tranquility, not full of visuals and loud noises.

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