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Is it Okay to Put a Bedroom Dresser in Front of a Window?

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Interior design professionals treat windows with equal importance to flooring, furniture, and accessories. And, it’s easy to see why. Windows provide natural light to brighten the room and warm up cold areas. They also provide a glimpse of the outdoors.

Placing an object in front of that view will interfere with those two things. So, you may think it’s not okay to put a bedroom dresser in front of a window. But, the truth is, if you do it correctly, it could turn out looking really great. It places a focus on the window and treats it as an accessory.

However, the wrong dresser will upset the flow of the entire room.

Tall Dresser vs. Low Dresser in Front of a Window

Tall dressers have four to seven drawers that stack top to bottom. The vertical design helps save space. Low dressers are horizontal and long with drawers that are next to each other. Two-drawer and three-drawer vertical stack dressers qualify as low dressers, too. The length of the dresser offers extra space on top.

In front of a window, tall dressers will block the light from coming in. Also, they will block people from being able to see outside. Low dressers work better in front of windows because they won’t block any part of them.

How Do You Put a Dresser in Front of a Window?

Bedroom Dresser by the Window

Putting a bedroom dresser in front of the window can be tricky. You will need to take a lot of measurements to ensure the dresser doesn’t block the window.

First, focus on the dresser-height to window-height proportion. Then, focus on the vertical distance between the dresser and window. Last, focus on the space between the dresser and the wall.

Dresser-Height Proportion to Window-Height

The ideal dresser covers wall space below the window and doesn’t touch the window at all. But, window heights vary. Some windows are long and narrow, some are square, and some are floor-to-ceiling.

The perfect dresser to window proportion will cover less than 25% of the window. Windows that are farther away from the floor will look good with a dresser in front of them. Dressers don’t work as well in front of windows with little to no separation from the floor.

A floor-to-ceiling window that covers the entire wall is better off without a dresser in front of it. A window that large is already a focal point without a dresser. You should only place a dresser there if there is no other choice.

If that’s the case, select a low dresser with long legs that allows as much light in as possible. It should also have a shiny appearance to reflect light (polished wood, glass, metal, etc.).

Other Measurements

The best place for the dresser will leave space between the window and the top of the dresser. Also, it’s best to leave some room between the dresser and the wall. Experts suggest leaving a distance of eight and 12 inches between the wall and the dresser.

Can You Put a Dresser in Front of Curtains?

Yes, you can place a dresser in front of window curtains. The eight to 12 inches of wiggle room is for curtains, drapes, blinds, and shades.

The other reason for that space is for cleaning behind the dresser. For those two reasons, it’s imperative to select a lower dresser.

How Do You Decorate a Dresser in Front of a Window?

How you decorate the dresser will depend on how much space there is on top of it. You can add photographs, a lamp, flowers, flameless candles, and figurines. Or, you could leave the top of the dresser empty. This is a better option if the dresser covers a part of the window.

A rule of thumb is to avoid clutter. Curtain movement or wind can knock down or break the items on the top of the dresser. It’s also best to have very few personal possessions visible in front of the window. People outside can see belongings through the window, and it’s best not to give those people a reason to be nosy.

Bedroom Dresser in Front of Window: The Pros and Cons



A dresser in front of the window is a space saver because it’s not in the way. This creates space to move around without bumping into anything. As a result, you can add more furniture to the room without cluttering it.

Room Balance

Interior designers always talk about balancing the room. If one half of the room has furniture and the other half does not, it looks uneven. If one half has a window, adding a dresser in front of it will balance out the room better.


Outsiders Looking In

Be very careful about not placing electronics, jewelry, money, and wallets on the dresser if it’s in front of the window. And, besides people peeking inside to see the dresser and what’s on top of it, they can see you using it too. So, if you need to change, you’ll have to move away from the window.

You can avoid both of those issues by using blackout curtains. Always keep the curtain closed unless sunlight or air is entering the room.

Dresser Damage

Dressers with a fresh paint or stain job are prone to sun damage. The sunlight will hit the dresser and fade the color. Avoid this by adding a decorative dresser cover cloth on top before decorating.


Bedroom Dresser by the Window

If you are thinking about putting your dresser in front of a window, you’ll need to consider a few things so that it doesn’t look out of place. The process is more involved than just moving the dresser there on a whim. You’ll need to measure the length and height of the window and the dresser. It requires window-floor measurement and wall-dresser depth measurement too.

Adding a dresser in front of a window is a fantastic idea. It respects the window’s function while creating more space in the room. If you love the look of having your dresser in front of a window, tell us about it in the comments section.

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