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What Is the Standard Bedroom Door Size?

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Our bedroom is the room that we set aside for ourselves, decorate to our tastes, and spend our most intimate time in. We tend to know every inch of the room and make careful choices about decorating it.

But, how much time do you think about the entryway into that most important room? How big should the door be? And is one door okay, or should you have two so the room will appear more luxurious? We tend to put a lot of thought into the room itself, but none into the door that leads into it.

If you want to decorate your bedroom right, you’ll want to know how big the door should be. We’ll tell you all about bedroom doors— from how big they are to how many you actually need. 

What Is the Standard Bedroom Door Size?

The size and importance of your bedroom is reflected in the size and design of the door leading into it. You aren’t going to invest thousands of dollars into hardwood furniture for a room that has the same kind of door as your bathroom.

Also, keep in mind that you need a door that’s wide enough to fit that furniture through. If you buy a king-size bed, you’ll need an opening to the room large enough to move it through. 

Standard bedroom door height and width

While there are exceptions to every rule, bedroom doors are generally 80-inches tall.

The width is less standard and will depend on the size of the room. Doors are either 24-, 28-, 32-, or 36-inches wide. The bigger the room, the wider the door.

How thick the door is will scale to size, with the standard starting at 1-3/8 inches. Assuming your doors aren’t custom-built, they top out at 1-3/4 inches thick.

Standard bedroom door thickness

What Size Should Bedroom Doors Be?

While doors come in standard sizes, the precise measurements of your bedroom door will depend on how big the room is. Keep in mind that the standard height of a door is 80 inches, although custom builds might shave or add an inch or two.

The width of interior doors will depend on how large the room is. It’s possible that in some houses, especially older ones, the door and room proportion might be a little off because of how it was built. For the most part, large bedrooms will have wider doors.

Most interior doors start at 28-inches wide, working up to 30-, 32-, and 36-inches. Interior doors are also 1-3/8 inches thick, but if the door is especially large they will go up to 1-3/4 inches thick.

How Much Is a Standard Bedroom Door?

Blurred image of white bedroom door with image of bed and nightstand

The cost of a bedroom door will vary by size and design. The bigger and fancier the door, the more it will cost

An average run-of-the-mill standard bedroom door will cost approximately $150. However, if you need something special with windows or gilding, it can cost more than $650.

Also, the cost of a new door doesn’t end with just purchasing the door itself. You can accessorize the door with different knobs. If you spend quite a bit on it, you’ll probably want to pay a professional to install it. But, keep in mind that labor will always cost more than materials.

Which Door Is Best for a Bedroom?

White bedroom door with blurred image of bed

The best door for a bedroom will always depend on the size and decor of the bedroom itself. There is no standard size, construction materials, or features. You’ll want to get the right door for your individual room.

Most doors are anywhere from 28- to 36-inches wide by 80-inches tall. They’re also anywhere from 1-3/8 to 1-3/4 inches thick. The bigger the door, the thicker it is.

We recommend finding a door that locks from the inside. Not only will this provide a bit of security, but it will help you maintain privacy.

You’ll also want to choose between a hollow door or a solid one. A hollow door is lightweight and easier to install. A heavier door will help muffle sounds from outside your bedroom.

How Do I Choose a Bedroom Door?

Close up of chrome door handle on white bedroom door

Picking a bedroom door can seem complicated. It’s an important choice, but few people consider a room’s door when decorating. There are a few ways you can make your decision easier, however.

The first thing is to keep your room’s design in mind. You wouldn’t want to put a rustic door on a bedroom decorated in art deco.

Consider the door frame, starting with how the door will operate. Is it a sliding door or one that swings open? Do you plan to reuse the existing frame, or are you replacing it with something new?

Measure the opening and subtract 1/8-inch from that if you plan to use a pre-hung unit. Plan for how the door will swing. Usually, this means opening up against a wall, but there might also be furniture or a window you’ll need to account for.

Finally, pick the door’s design, its materials, and the finish you want. It’s important to pick a door that goes with your room’s current design.

How Do You Measure a Bedroom Door?

Man measuring a bedroom door using tape measure

With a tape measure, it’s easy to measure a bedroom door. There are three measurements you’ll want to take.

The first is the height, which is 80-inches for most doors. Simply put the tape measure at the bottom of the door and stretch it to the top.

Measuring the width is just as easy. Most standard doors come in 28- through 36-inch widths. Place one end of the tape measure on one side of the door so that it is parallel to the floor and pull it across to the other side.

Finally, there is the width. The standard width of a bedroom door is 1-3/8 inches. Place one end of the tape measure along one side of the thinnest side of the door and measure it.

Should You Use a Double Door or a Single Door for a Master Bedroom?

White double door for bedroom

Double doors are a great way to announce to people in the hallway that beyond them is something truly grand. If your bedroom is your throne room and you’ve got the space, double doors can help you pull off the impression you want to create.

You’ll want the room to pull it off, however. If your bedroom is average size, double doors might take up too much space. They might even interfere with access to light switches or furniture.


Your typical bedroom door is 80-inches tall, but it can be a few different widths. The bigger the bedroom, the wider the door should be. Not only will this make it proportional in size to one of your most important rooms, but it’ll also allow you to fit bigger furniture into the space.

Depending on how big and what kind of design your bedroom is, you might want a fancier design, or maybe even a second door. Just remember that you need to have an entryway to your bedroom that matches the style you’re going for.

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