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Bath Tub Ideas

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If you’re like me, the bath tub is one of the most sacred places in a home. You unwind, relax and forget about the stress of the days.

These bath tub ideas are some of the most creative a popular ideas I’ve come across. If you need some inspo for your bath room you should check these out.

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01 – Contemporary bathroom with an elegant touch of simplicity and art deco accent designs.

gold luxury bath tub idea

This contemporary style embodies grace, elegance and charm. With the art deco trimming surrounding the oversized tub, it is hard to ignore the bold statement of this design combination. With gold trimmings and faucet fixtures, the tub can stand on its own. The marble material that graces the feature wall creates a contrasting focal point for interest and flare. By adding an abstract painting and a contemporary footstool, this posh look is complete.

02 – When nature calls this bathroom answered with a wonderfully wooded design.

rustic stone bath tub idea

The over the top wooden design of this bathroom infuses natural elements with refined rustic elements. The unique shape of the tub makes a bold and eye-catching statement and invites you to dive in. It infuses the elements of nature with wooden walls and a waterfall shower head that reaches to the sky. Polished accent pieces provide an eclectic blend of outdoor rugged features with refined elegance. This bathroom is perfect for those looking for a feel of outdoors without any unwanted guests.

03 – Simple elegance without the confinement of walls.

white bath tub idea

The open and airy space of this bathroom gives a refreshing feel. The muted colors of the tile floor provide just the right amount of contrast to the white walls with light gray veining. With a doorless shower adjacent to the high backed soaker tub, there are no constraints on this light and airy design. The bathtub has a high back that allows you to sit back, relax and take your mind off the day. The rainforest shower head floats effortlessly from the wall while the wooden elements of the sink infuse the space with natural elements.

04 – A homey and simple take on bathtub ideas.

black bath tub idea

This clawfoot bathtub is an excellent tub and shower combination that creates a sophisticated innocence with a black tub exterior with a white interior. Accented with chrome tub and shower faucet fixtures, this tub provides a level of luxury that is undeniable. The black and white tile flooring anchors the look and creates interest for this space.

05 – An eclectic blend of contemporary and rustic design elements.

bath tub idea in farmhouse bathroom

The blend of design styles in this bathroom creates an obvious interest for the overall look. There is a contemporary feel that is infused with the elements of the bathtub and the modern chrome faucets. The rustic elements of the sink consoles introduce an entirely new aspect to the design. The entire space is anchored with modern gray and white floor that adds a subtle touch of interest. With the industrial light fixtures, there is a blend of styles that create a long lasting design.

06 – The minimal next door neighbor bathroom design.

white bath tub idea

This bathroom represents a minimal design with country and natural accent pieces. The oval shaped soaker tub is nicely placed to behold its minimal design and makes room in the space for the other items in the bathroom. The intricate patterns of the flooring help to break the monotony of the all white design. Incorporating a plant in the corner and dried flowers on the window sill, infuses this all white space with natural design elements.

07 – The modern design makes for an effortless flow.

white bath tub by window idea

This modern and understated design incorporates natural elements for contrast and interest. The oversized soaker tub is conveniently placed next to the contrasting wooden ledge of the shelf to provide a warm and natural feeling in this bathroom. The wooden element infuses warmth and comfort into an all-white modern space. Accenting the design with potted plants fills the space with natural greenery.

08 – Sassy bling and natural elements make the perfect personal space.

bath tub idea with greenery

The sassy bling of the chrome faucet fixtures are an excellent play on the silver clawfoot elements of this soaker tub. Having a mirror appropriately placed helps to accentuate the chrome fixtures and gives it a sense of bling for a natural bathroom. The high back of this tub allows you to rest your head as you soak away your stress. Surrounding this tub with natural green elements is an excellent way to infuse peace and harmony into this space.

09 – Homemade spa like zen for your enjoyment.

nordic bath tub idea

The deepness of this tub allows you to submerge more of your body as you soak away the day. The minimally sized brushed nickel faucet fixture is appropriately placed so that it does not compete with the bold and stately element of this bathtub. Surrounding the tub with a natural jute rug, lush green plants and a bath tray allows you to create a zen like space for your personal bathroom.

10 – An all white bathroom with rustic and refined accent pieces.

luxury gold bath tub idea marble

This tea cup style soaker bathtub fits perfectly into this bathroom space. Accenting this look with gold faucet features that play off of the gold framing of the mirror, is an excellent way to infuse a simple and refined touch of color into this all white design. The light gray veining in the walls provides movement and interest for the design. Adding rustic touches like this stately and bold bath tray infuses a natural element into a modern design. The shower space adjacent to the tub has a refined and elegant design with a shower bench and gold accented shower doors.

11 – Sexy, sensual and seductive are the words that work best.

matte black bath tub idea

This charcoal gray and purple bathroom is oozing with seduction and sensuality. The modern high back soaker tub has clean lines for a contemporary look. The chisel cut slab of granite anchors the bathtub and provides a sense of interest for the overall look. The backdrop of abundant purple florals infuses a natural and chic element into the overall space. The wooden stools give a rustic accent to this design. The gray flooring and walls create a seamless canvas for this sleek yet theatrical design theme.

12 – A combination of natural elements for a spa like feel.

lifted bath tub idea by window

The array of natural elements come together to create a modern and relaxing bathroom design. The simple lines of the oversized soaker tub provides an understated and elegant design. Placed amid a wooden platform, the bathtub and surrounding elements will have you sitting in the lap of nature. The doorless shower and the rainfall shower head invokes a sense of openness in this space.

13 – Modern Elegance in different shades of gray.

metal bath tub idea

This shiny chrome soaker tub is a focal point all by itself. Coupled with the rustic elements of stone tiled walls and concrete flooring, the overall space is designed to create an eclectic blend that invokes a sense of drama for this space. The tub is accented with chrome faucet fixtures and is an excellent reflective piece in this bathroom design. Accented with modern tables that are adorned with natural florals and soaps, gives this bathroom the right blend of styles for this space.

14 – Simple design elements that work together for a beautiful space.

farmhouse bath tub idea

The neutral colored walls of this bathroom provide the perfect backdrop for this all white high back soaker tub. Accented with chrome faucet fixtures, this bathtub has a unique and traditional style that plays perfectly with the wainscoting of the wall. The beige tile flooring anchors the entire design look perfectly and provides a wonderful contrast for the overall design.

15 – A modern look that is created from floor to ceiling.

gray stone bath tub idea

This floor to ceiling design concept infuses contemporary style into this bathroom. The oversized soaker tub provides a slight contrast to the muted gray tones of the stately tiled wall. The fine lines of the sink and other design features in the bathroom create an effortless and modern look for this space. The rain shower head coupled with the stately chrome shower fixtures provide an elegant and refined focal point for the doorless shower area.

16 – Contrasting elements for a simple and refined look.

bath tub idea with stone back splash wall

The combination of chrome and stone creates an interesting focal point in this bathroom. The showpiece is the high back soaker tub with a rustic bath tray to accent the space. The dramatic chrome faucet springs from the floor in a goose neck design to fill the bathtub with bubbling water. The sconce on the wall infuses an eclectic blend rustic elegance with chic design features. The combination of the rustic stone wall and the smooth tile finish of the floor create an eye-catching look for this bathroom.

17 – A standard tub that accented with natural elements for a personal design touch.

flower lilac bath tub idea

Who says a basic tub can’t work in a design space. You can create a wonderful design space with a basic tub. By incorporating natural elements such as a jute rug and a reclaimed wood bath tray, you have created your own personal spa that you can enjoy anytime. Infusing your personal space with scented candles and floral buds helps to enhance the romantic feel of your bathroom.

18 – Old fashion accents to create a warm and inviting bathroom.

rustic bath tub idea

This bathroom design screams rustic traditional charm. There is still a place for traditional decor and this bathroom is the epitome of the style. With an old fashioned clawfoot tub and brass faucet fixtures, you can create a traditional bathroom for your own personal style. Adding unique and traditional accent pieces such as an old-fashioned fireplace mantel and a reclaimed wood cabinet door as a bathroom tray, you have successfully created a traditional and timeless look for your own personal bathroom space.

19 – Bring the Middle East home with you for your bathroom space.

luxury blue tile bath tub idea

This Middle Eastern inspired bathroom design has an abundance of tile work that creates eye-catching interest. The large tile pattern combined with the smaller glass tiles that surround the tub create an interesting look that is not too busy for the space. With the backdrop of this design being a subway tiled wall and tile flooring, you’re able to create an interesting look reminiscent of the Middle East.

20 – The basic shower tub combination for a creative style.

farmhouse subway tile and ship lap bath tub idea

This tub and shower combination is a simple and basic look that is surrounded by playful tile work to create contrast and interest in this bathroom space. Accenting this bathtub with a rustic reclaimed wood bath tray is an excellent way to infuse nature into this simple design. Incorporating green flowers is a way to infuse life into your bathroom design space.

21 – A couple’s retreat for romance and delight.

jacuzzi bath tub idea

This dual sitting bathtub sits amid a bathroom that has floor to ceiling tile work for romantic drama. The muted colors of the tile creates a wonderful contrast for this bathtub that is made for two. The doorless shower has a multi-colored brass tile band that runs horizontally from floor-to-ceiling to create its own interesting focal point. The shower tiles play off of the tiling that’s it beyond the dual bathtub. This design creates an elegant and refined space befitting a romantic evening.

22 – Abstract tile work that creates interest and drama.

luxury marble bath tub idea

This oversized tub is appropriately placed in front of a shower that has an overstated tile feature which creates contrast for the bathtub, the fixture and the tile work itself. It is obvious the focal point of the room is the tile work, but the tub has a refined and bold shape that commands the attention of the room. The chrome faucet fixtures of the tub and shower fade into the movement of the tile to focus the attention where it belongs, on the bathtub.

23 – Oval soaking tub that is anchored by interesting tile flooring.

gold farmhouse bath tub idea

The simple lines of this oval bathtub pairs perfectly with the interesting tile flooring. The brass faucet fixtures provide a charming and rustic accent for the simple lines of this soaker bathtub. The colorful and intricate detailing of the tile flooring provides more contrast and interest to this bathroom space. The subway tiles with a contrasting grout, compliments the overall look and design of this bathroom space.

24 – A refined and elegant bathroom that is designed in all white.

bath tub idea in white bathroom with chandelier

This all white bathroom creates an open and airy design flow. The traditional bathtub paired with gold toned faucet fixtures offers a slight contrast to the all white bathroom design. The frameless shower doors give an oversized feel to the bathroom. Anchored by white tile flooring with gray veining and an eye catching chandelier, this bathtub is the perfect fit for this elegantly designed all white bathroom.

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