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Are Zinus Bed Frames Good?

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Many people focus their search on finding a good mattress without realizing the importance of a good bed frame for their sleep. Without a solid bed frame that can support both you and your mattress, you might not get the most out of your pricey mattress. One bed frame and mattress company that has gained popularity recently is Zinus. But are Zinus bed frames good?

Zinus bed frames are not just affordable, they’re also quite sturdy and durable. The company offers a wide variety of bed frames ranging from the most basic and affordable, to upholstered and more luxurious options. But, all the bed frames that the company rolls out have one thing in common. They all serve as a solid foundation for your mattress and ensure good and even support. 

Since Zinus produces a lot of bed frames to suit all tastes and budgets, let’s focus on the most popular ones that have the highest user rating and satisfaction. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about the top Zinus bed frames.

Are Zinus Bed Frames Good?

When it comes to Zinus bed frames, they check all the boxes in terms of a good bed frame. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to suit every taste, health condition, age, and body weight. They also have different price ranges, making them a good choice for those hunting for a bargain.

But, just because they’re affordable doesn’t mean Zinus bed frames are low quality or have a poor design; it’s actually quite the opposite. Take the Suzanne bed frame, for example. It has a steel frame to provide strength and durability and slats to support the mattress. The award-winning bed has a stylish wood veneer finish that will fit in most settings.

The Judy bed frame, on the other hand, is an upholstered option that comes in queen, king, and full size options and a gray color finish. It’s made of a steel frame and wood slats secured with allen wrench screws to provide the usual sturdiness one expects from a Zinus bed frame.

For those looking for something basic and affordable, the Mia bed frame is a simple metal frame with metal bars at the headboard to give it a solid structure. The mattress is supported by wood slats to keep it even and distribute the weight of the sleeper. It rises 12 inches above the floor, giving you ample space to store your extra blankets and quilts, and keep unnecessary clutter out of the way.  

Is Zinus a Good Bed Frame Brand?

If the main criterion for a brand’s success is customer feedback and rating, then Zinus is a good brand. They care about the quality of their bed frames and the satisfaction of their users. 

Another bed frame made of metal and wood slats is Zinus Joseph. The mattress foundation eliminates the need for a box spring. And, its steel structure has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, mattress not included. It’s an ideal frame for sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds.

This brand puts the happiness of its customers front and center. Positive customer feedback and real experiences make the brand trustworthy and well worth investing in its products.

Are Zinus Beds Sturdy?

A sturdy and durable bed frame is a good investment since it will serve you for many years to come. And in that respect, Zinus beds truly shine. Made from steel frames and wood slats, the beds are both sturdy and durable. The average Zinus bed can handle weight capacities up to 350 pounds with the mattress on.

Without the mattress, these sturdy Zinus beds have a weight capacity of 700 pounds. The Florence bed frame with its steel structure and six metal legs is a good example. You can place a bulky mattress on the bed frame and have the kind of support, firmness, and comfort in your sleep you desire without hearing creaks or noises from the bed frame.  

So, the Zinus bed frame strikes the right balance between durability and modern design. Furthermore, this sturdiness doesn’t come with a steep price tag attached. You can still get a queen bed frame for under $150 that will serve you well for many years.

Where Are Zinus Bed Frames Made?

Apart from one manufacturing facility in the state of Georgia, Zinus manufactures its bed frames in Korea, China, and Indonesia along with 12 other countries worldwide. If you live in the USA, chances are the bed frame you buy is made in Georgia. And, with the strict standards the company enforces, all the products meet users’ satisfaction anywhere in the world.

Is Zinus an American Company?

Zinus started as a tent-making company in South Korea. However, the success of the brand, and the popularity of the products, allowed the company to expand to more countries in Europe and Asia, as well as one manufacturing facility in Georgia. The company adheres to the standards of each country it has a facility in.

How Much Weight Can a Zinus Bed Frame Hold?

Zinus bed frames are known for their sturdiness and durability. Whether you’re buying a simple metal bed frame like Luis Quick Lock or one with a more elaborate design like Shalini, you can rest assured that the bed frame will hold up to 700 pounds. If we assume that the average mattress weighs 350 pounds, then the actual weight capacity of the bed frame is 350 pounds.

Of course, not all mattresses are that bulky and heavy. All-foam mattresses weigh considerably less than hybrid or latex mattresses. That means that people who weigh over 230 pounds can get the support they need from their Zinus bed frame. The steel frame and wood slats provide level support and excellent weight distribution. 


The Zinus brand is a famous one in the bed frame, mattress, and bedding market. The company’s bed frames are quite popular with thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. If you’re looking for a solid bed frame made of steel with wood slats that provides excellent support and weight distribution, we recommend the SmartBase Super Heavy Duty or SmartBase Compack.

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If you’re looking for a stylish bed frame with a more decorative value and an elaborate design that becomes the focal point in your bedroom, we recommend Zinus Kendra, Omkaram, and Benton. But, whatever bed frame you choose, one thing is for sure— the bed frame will serve you for many years and provide comforting sleep every night.

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