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Are Living Room Curtains in Style?

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Curtains have been homeowners’ go-to solution for privacy and for keeping their family life away from prying eyes. Besides their aesthetic qualities, they also keep harsh sunlight out and add a dreamy ambiance to the place. But, as times change, trends and tastes shift as well. So, it’s a valid question to ask: are living room curtains in style?

Whether your interest in living room curtains is purely ornamental, or you also care about their functionality, you’re probably wondering whether curtains are still trendy or just relics from times past. Here we’ll try to answer all these questions and we’ll also talk about which curtains are outdated and which ones are in style.

Are Living Room Curtains in Style?

Curtains come in all shapes and sizes. They can be thick and foreboding or light and airy. And, there are many variations in-between. What started as square pieces of old woven cloth barely covering the window of the cottage in ancient times, evolved into elaborate and opulent drapes with ropes, ribbons, gaudy patterns, and ostentatious designs.

But, modern times require modern solutions. People turned away from the heavy drapes and began opting instead for simpler designs. After all, the low ceilings of most modern homes have left large drapes not just out of fashion, but impractical as well. 

Still, living room curtains are very much in style. Every year, we see new trends in curtains which make it clear that living room curtains are here to stay. 

In-style Curtains for Your Living Room

What Types of Living Room Curtains Are in Style?

Although trends tend to change over time, some living room curtains remain very much in style year after year. Here’s a list of the most popular living room curtain styles to choose from:

Elegant Off-White

You can’t go wrong with off-white curtains that drop to the floor. They add a touch of sophistication to an airy room and filter the light for a dreamy and soothing atmosphere. Use them with neutral furniture and avoid loud colors.

Matching Prints

Printed curtains have their own appeal. At some point, people turned away from printed curtains, but this year they’re making a comeback. Use printed curtains with matching furniture to create a cozy room.

Layered Curtains

Using more than one curtain as a set isn’t a new trend. However, this year, curtains with layered patterns are very much in. Black and white curtains with geometric patterns will make your furniture stand out.

Neutral Curtains

The thing about neutral curtains is that they work with just about any type of furniture, ambiance, style, and setting. There’s no surprise there since they blend in and act as a backdrop, allowing your furniture to take center stage. Opt for simple and modern furniture styles with a focus on subdued tones of pink, gray, and cream to create the desired effect.

Tie-Back Curtains 

No matter how beautiful your curtains are, you wouldn’t want them covering the windows and blocking the light all the time. Tie-back curtains have been around for a few years now and they are still quite popular. These curtains allow more light to flood the room while still adding beautiful decor. 

Sheer Curtains

If you have a beautiful view and large windows, then sheer curtains are the right choice. They allow filtered light in without blocking the view. They dance with the slightest breeze which creates a dynamic ambiance in the living room. Match them with dainty furniture and lively colors that reflect the same playful mood.


It’s fair to say that striped curtains aren’t for everyone. They are quite tricky to pull off since stripes only go well with a limited number of furniture styles and designs. However, if you can match them with furniture with blocks of color that complement or contrast the color of the stripes, they will look great. Avoid furniture with patterns and striped curtains with very loud or bright colors. 


Much like printed or striped curtains, floral curtains are a niche taste. Some people can find them too gaudy or showy. But, if you go for subdued tones or neutral colors, you won’t find floral curtains too hard to match. 

Solid Curtains 

You can use curtains with solid colors the same way you would use neutrals. Without the distracting patterns, the solid colors are easy to match. If you have floral wallpaper that stands out and steals the show, you can use curtains with solid and complementing colors to bring some balance to the room.

Are Living Room Curtains Outdated?

Not all living room curtains are in style. As we mentioned, the limited space and small rooms of most modern homes made drapes and other types of heavy, flowing curtains overwhelming. If you have a small living room, hanging thick and heavy curtains will make the room look even smaller.

Bulky curtains can make the space feel claustrophobic as well. Even if the living room is large, having these thick curtains that block every ray of light and every sound from the outside can get on some people’s nerves. If you have guests over, they may not feel comfortable in a room with these types of curtains.

Out-of-style Curtains for Your Living Room

What Types of Living Room Curtains Are Out of Style?

When choosing living room curtains, you want to go for a style that matches your furniture and the size of the room. Drapes, heavy curtains, and window-size curtains are certainly out of style these days. Even a large living room will look overwhelmed when you cover the windows with heavy drapes.

Curtains are quite an investment as well. So, if you’re planning on redecorating the room or changing your furniture, wait until you have figured out the style and furniture of the room before choosing the curtains. It’s always easier to find curtains that match the room, not the other way around. 

Are Living Room Curtains or Blinds More Popular?

Blinds became popular as indispensable office accessories. They are less flashy than curtains and they’re fairly inexpensive. In addition, they give you more control over how much light you want to let into the space. But, despite all of these qualities, blinds still haven’t managed to unseat curtains as the favorites in home decor. 

Living room curtains remain the most popular choice. For one thing, they have more styles, colors, and shapes than blinds. This makes it easier for you to find the right curtains for your specific decor and furniture. Curtains also have a more formal air about them that makes them an ideal option for homes. 


From the looks of it, living room curtains will not be going away any time in the near future. Year after year, these essential home décor elements have proved that they are as stylish and chic as ever. The new trends are light and very much in style this year. You can easily find the right curtain type for your living room and create the right ambiance to reflect your personality.

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