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A 12 Ft x 12 Ft Bedroom With a King Bed: Will It Work?

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A king bed in any bedroom is tricky to maneuver due to its massive size. However, it’s a popular bed size option for two people sharing one room. Fitting a king bed into your existing bedroom will require some reconfiguration and redecorating. But, will it fit in a 12 ft x 12 ft bedroom? 

A king size bed in a small room

The room is small by king-size standards, but the bed will fit inside. The difficulty is making the room still feel spacious. With the king bed overtaking most of the space, the bed is the automatic focal point in the room. The layout, furniture arrangement, and decorating style will help keep the room feeling spacious. 

What Are the Best Bed Size Options for a 12 Ft x 12 Ft Room?

The most suitable bed for a 12 ft x 12 ft bedroom is a queen size bed. This size bed still leaves room for your other furniture and belongings. There is also space to walk around and open doors without feeling confined. 

A queen size bed in a 12 x 12 room

If a queen fits, expect a full size, full XL size, twin size, and twin XL size to fit the space effortlessly. If there are two people sharing the space, you can add two twin beds or two twin XL beds. Add a nightstand or small dresser between the two beds. Neither will overpower the room.

Will a 12 Ft X 12 Ft Bedroom Fit a King Bed?

On average, an Eastern/standard king bed fits a 13 ft x 13 ft bedroom well. A 13 ft x 13 ft bedroom offers enough space for a king bed with a bed frame and attached headboard. A framed California king fits in a 14 ft x 12 ft bedroom the best. The Wyoming, Alaskan, and Texas king beds need larger spaces for the best results.

A bedroom with a king size bed with measurements

The configuration is perfect because it maintains a roomy feel with everything inside. There is adequate space for everything to fit without crowding or looking overwhelmed. But, does the same hold true for a 12 ft x 12 ft bedroom?

A king size bed in a small room

A standard king-size bed fits a 12 ft x 12 ft bedroom better than the larger versions. However, the king bed engulfs the space, making it appear smaller. A California king bed will push the envelope, but it will fit the room.

Gigantic king-size beds will not fit 12 ft x 12 ft bedrooms. So, you’ll need to downgrade these large beds for an Eastern/standard king or queen bed.

What Are the Best Ways To Place a King Bed in a 12 Ft x 12 Ft Room?

Small room with a king size bed where the space is maximized

The bed is the first furniture piece to rearrange in a 12 ft x 12 ft room, and the layout is crucial. After all, the bed takes up most of the space within the room. The bed’s location sets the tone for the path, storage furniture, and decor. Due to its massive size, a king bed layout needs to be exactly right.

These are the layout options for king-size beds:

  • On the perpendicular wall that is closest to the entry door
  • On the perpendicular wall that is farthest away from the entry door
  • On the wall next to the entry door
  • In the middle of the wall or off-center across from the entry door
  • In any corner wall

Generally, the best bed location is the blank wall space with no windows, doors, or furnaces around it. If there is no blank wall, choose the entry door wall or the window wall as the default space.

How Can You Make a 12 Ft x 12 Ft Room With a King Bed Look More Spacious?

Downgrade the king bed

Small room with a king size bed that looks spacious

Alaskan, Texas, Wyoming, California, Split California, Standard, and Split standard kings are available. However, the Alaskan king, Texan king, and Wyoming king cannot fit in a 12 ft x 12 ft room. Those beds are too large for the space allotted, so swap those beds for a standard or California king.

Select a spacious layout

The right layout will make room for a nightstand, a storage furniture piece, and walking space.

King size bed that is pushed to the corner wall in an incredibly small room

The most spacious layout for a king bed involves pushing the bed to the corner wall. If the king fits next to the entry door wall, place it closer to the corner. The dilemma with corner wall layouts is it makes it difficult to share the bed. The person sleeping near the wall cannot move without bothering the other sleeper.

King size bed perpendicular to the wall where the entry door is located

So, the walls perpendicular to the entry door and the wall across from the entry door are best for two people. Add nightstands on both ends to emphasize a walk area. Ensure there are 30-36 inches of walk space on both sides of the bed. The room will lose the spacious feel if there are less than 30 inches of space.

King size bed positioned in front of a window in a small room

If the bed ends up in front of a window, that’s fine. Windows make the room feel more spacious. Use this option if no other layout is suitable for the space.

Strategize furniture

A large bed with little furniture on the surrounding walls will make the room more spacious. While the nightstand can stay in the room, move some furniture inside the closet. A walk-in or large closet provides an area for a chest or dresser. If you don’t have a closet, add a portable closet and a narrow chest as storage furniture pieces.

Swap out swinging doors

You can’t do this in an apartment, loft, condo, townhouse, or rental home, but homeowners can. Swap entry and closet doors for sliding doors or curtain dividers. A second idea is installing a door swinging toward the closet and hallway. Doors swinging open toward the room take away 36 inches of space.

Decorate with color

Unfortunately, this is another thing you can’t do in a rented space. Before adding a bed and storage furniture, paint the room a bright color. Bright colors enlarge the look of a room. White is the default color, but pastels, beige, yellow, and light blue are fantastic options.

Additionally, swap out curtains for lightweight, flowing, and bright, solid color curtains. Hang ceiling rods toward the ceiling to emphasize vertical height in the room. A second idea is adding vertical stripes to emphasize vertical height. Alternatively, add horizontal stripes to make the space appear wider. 

A king size bed with a colorful wall behind it, which serves as a centerpiece

As a centerpiece, add colorful artwork. It can be one large photo or a cluster of photographs.


A 12 ft x 12 ft bedroom with a king bed is possible. It requires taking the windows, closet, entry door, and furnace into account before you start arranging furniture. Afterward, test each layout to see which one provides the most spacious result— use the bed frame as a guide. The layout cannot block doors and furnaces.

So, can a 12 ft x 12 ft bedroom fit a king bed? Yes, as long as the layout and king bed type work for the space allotted.

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