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Is a 10 Ft x 10 Ft Bedroom Too Small?

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A 10 ft x 10 ft bedroom will feel small even without any furniture in the room. But, when it comes to furnishing the space, it’s not the size that’s the actual problem. The issue is placing your bed and furniture belongings inside the small room.

Is a 10 ft x 10 ft bedroom too small? It may run on the small side, but it’s not the smallest bedroom in existence. You can create the proper layout for the space to avoid crowding. However, you may need to re-evaluate large beds and bulky storage furniture first.

Is a 10 Ft x 10 Ft Bedroom Too Small?

According to building codes, the smallest legal bedroom is 7 ft x 7 ft. The average bedroom size in apartments and homes is 11 ft x 12 ft, or 132 square feet. The typical bedroom size for a primary or master bedroom in homes is 14 ft x 16 ft, or 224 square feet.

Small bedroom

A 10 ft x 10 ft bedroom, or 100 square feet, is far from being the smallest bedroom. It is also far from being the average bedroom size of an apartment or home. However, using those high-low comparisons, a 10 ft x 10 ft bedroom still runs on the smaller side of average bedrooms.

What Size Bed Fits in a 10 Ft x 10 Ft Bedroom?

Full-size bed

A twin XL, twin, or full-size bed fits a 10 ft x 10 ft bedroom the best. Those size beds will allow you to rearrange the furniture with a pathway to walk around the room. It won’t feel cramped with those beds occupying the space.

Queen-size bed

The space becomes cramped with a bed that’s a queen or larger. The bed can fit, but it comes at the cost of storage furniture and space to walk. Making room for furniture pieces, a walking path, and a queen-sized bed in the room comes down to layout.

How Should You Decorate a 10 Ft x 10 Ft Bedroom?

Before selecting a layout, look around the room. Look at the location of the closet, window, entry door, and furnace. 

Five layouts suit a twin, twin XL, full size, and queen size bed in a 10 ft x 10 ft bedroom.

  • In the center of the room across from the entry door wall, with a nightstand on each side
  • Near the corner wall diagonally from the entry door, with a nightstand on the other side
  • Near the corner wall across from the entry door, with a nightstand on the other side
  • On the wall perpendicular to the entry door, with a nightstand near the wall
  • On the wall next to the entry door, and the nightstand will have to be small enough to fit in the space between the entry door and the bed

A 10 ft x 10 ft bedroom is roomier when only one person is occupying the space. Placing the bed by a corner wall or next to the entry door is the ideal set up for one person because it provides optimal space in the room. For two occupants, however, it’s best to select one of the remaining two choices: the center of the room or perpendicular to the entry door.

Twin beds

While a full and queen are large enough to share, twin and twin XL beds are single beds. If two children are sharing the space, add two beds. Across from the entry door, two twin or twin XL beds can serve as bookends with a nightstand or dresser between them. A similar layout works for the wall perpendicular to the entry door.

Will a 10 Ft x 10 Ft Bedroom Fit a King Bed?

If a queen-size bed cramps a 10 ft x 10 ft bedroom, a king-size will swallow the room. A king-size bed is too big for a 10 ft x 10 ft bedroom. It’s best to swap out the gigantic bed for a smaller size.

If you want to put a king-size bed in a 10 ft x 10 ft bedroom, it will be a very tight squeeze. However, it’s not impossible. It will just require some sacrifice.

Bed too large for the room

The center or off-center layout with bookend nightstands won’t work for a king-size bed. The bed is too large to create walking space on both sides of the nightstand. Furthermore, you may need to swap out bulky nightstands for tall and lean versions. This stress is preventable as you can use a different layout that’s more suitable for the room.

The best layout for king beds pushes the bed to the corner wall. Focus on pushing the bed near the wall to create a walkway. It will be easier to add furniture around the surrounding walls across from the bed. Be sure the bed and other furniture pieces don’t block closet doors and furnaces.

Bed pushed against the wall

The sacrifice is, with the bed pushed against the wall, it’s challenging for the person sleeping closest to the wall. The person cannot climb in and out of bed without disturbing the other occupant’s sleep. So, this option may be difficult for two people who are sharing the space.

How Much Furniture Can a 10 Ft x 10 Ft Room Have?

After finding a nice layout, it’s time to squeeze furniture pieces into the room.


Vertical space is your friend in this room, so include a tall chest. A nightstand can fit, but the size will be an issue. Larger or bulkier nightstands work with twin, twin XL, and full-size beds. Smaller and skinnier nightstands work with queen and king-size beds.

Twin bed

The nightstand, bed, and chest are the only pieces you should add to the room. You can also add a dresser if there is a twin bed in the room because a twin bed doesn’t take up much space.

Open shelves

If you add extra furniture, place it inside the closet. A small chest or dresser creates extra closet storage. You can also add open shelves on the wall as vertical storage.

Can You Fit a Desk in a 10 Ft x 10 Ft Room?

Believe it or not, you can add a desk to a 10 ft x 10 ft bedroom. Adding a desk depends heavily on bed size. Twin and Twin XL beds are best for a desk. Full and queen size beds depend more on the layout.

Low profile bedroom desk

The desk must be low profile as it cannot take up a lot of space. Adding two desks will be pushing it, but again, if both desks are low profile, it is possible. The sacrifice, however, is forgoing storage furniture pieces and relying on closet storage.

Meanwhile, full and queen size beds can fit only one desk as long as the desk is low profile.

King size beds, however, cannot fit a desk at all. The bed occupies the majority of the space allotted. So, there isn’t enough space for a desk without blocking the room’s pathway.


It’s possible to make a 10 ft x 10 ft bedroom feel inviting and relaxing. The first thing to consider is the best layout for the space. Then, you’ll have to look at removing, downgrading, or swapping out bed and storage pieces to create a roomy feel.

Less is more in a 10 ft x 10 ft bedroom. The bed is the automatic focal point, so the layout begins with the bed. The other furniture is secondary as it occupies the remaining space. Once the bed and furniture layouts are complete, decorating should come easy.

Have you found the best way to arrange your 10 ft x 10 ft bedroom? In the comments section below, tell us your story. Like-minded readers want to hear from you.

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