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10 Ideas for Curtains for Blue Walls

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Do you have blue walls in your rental that have you stumped? Or do you love the impact that a blue wall makes? Blue is a versatile color that can elevate the look of a room, particularly when it is on the walls. But to make the best of your shades of blue, you need to style them correctly. The right accessories make all the difference, so let’s jump into 10 ideas for curtains for blue walls.

10 Ideas for Curtains for Blue Walls

Ideas for Curtains for Blue Walls

Curtains are a practical way to prevent dust and sunlight from entering a space. But more than that, they give a space warmth, texture, and style. When looking for the right curtains for your blue walls, you need to consider what shade of blue they are. Are they a calming sky blue, or a conservative grey-blue? Maybe they are a dramatic sapphire shade? There are curtains to suit every shade but here are ten of the best options.

1. Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are versatile enough to pair with any shade of blue wall. For a pale blue, or slate shade wall, a charcoal grey sheer curtain will warm the space and create a feature point. Navy blue or arctic blue walls can be complemented by a sheer white curtain with a textured pattern. The sheer fabric will give the illusion of space and tranquility while the pattern creates a subtle element of interest. For navy or sapphire walls, a whimsically-textured sheer curtain will do the trick. This will create a light and airy aesthetic.

2. Slate Curtains

Grey tones pair well with blue shades. So, going with a slate-colored curtain gives you options for your blue walls. If your walls are a cool grey-blue then a dark slate curtain will add some drama to your windows and ground the room. Try a slate curtain in heavy velvet for added texture and a luxurious feel. If you want a slate element but still want to keep it light, then a curtain with a slate and beige stripe will work well. For a dark blue-grey or navy wall, try a light grey slate curtain. It will lighten the space and you can create subtle interest with a patterned curtain.

3. White Curtains

Whether your walls are a moody navy, restful blue-grey, or cheerful cerulean, a white curtain will look fantastic. White curtains are clean, and fresh, and give a room a modern feel. White on-white textured curtains add panache without competing with the blue wall. If you want to add a farmhouse feel to your space, use a duck egg blue wall paired with a striped, ruffled, white curtain. For an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic choose a delicately patterned white curtain for your dark blue walls.

4. Ochre Curtains

Pairing blue walls with strong, jewel tones create a bohemian look that is eye-catching and vibrant. A plain ochre curtain can create a focal point against a light blue-grey wall. Or, you could add a pop of ochre with a patterned curtain for a bold color hit that doesn’t overwhelm the room. If your blue wall is bold and demands attention then chances are you are happy to add more bold decor elements. Try a curtain with a funky ochre print or a bohemian tassel.

5. Navy Curtains

Blue is a versatile color whether on a wall or on soft furnishings. Blue walls and blue curtains can create a unified flow in a space. Light blue grey walls make a great backdrop for a navy curtain with stylish detail. For a formal space try a navy curtain with gold accents against a navy wall. Blue gingham curtains against a pale blue-grey wall instantly give a modern farmhouse aesthetic to a space. Blue on blue is a fun way to create interest in your room in a subtle way.

6. Blush Curtains

Blush and dark blue are a match made in heaven. Together, they create a romantic space that feels cozy and elegant. A plain blush curtain with stylish detail complements a navy wall and softens the room. For a glamorous look, add a blush curtain with gold geometric details that will add subtle elegance to a navy room. Blush curtains can also pair well with a light blue wall. A pale blush, layered curtain adds whimsy to a young girl’s room when the walls are light blue.

7. Taupe Curtains

A blue wall might be enough of a statement for you and in that case, you might want to try an understated curtain. Taupe is a great color that quietly complements the space you use it in. Plain taupe curtains against a bold, blue wall will stop the room from looking busy. Layered taupe curtains will soften a room and create an inviting space when paired with a light blue wall. For a farmhouse chic look, try a striped taupe curtain against a navy wall for an elegant and sophisticated country home.

8. Coral Curtains

Coral curtains will give your home an eclectic and bohemian feel when paired with dark blue walls. For a relaxed feel, you can use a sheer coral curtain that keeps the space feeling light and airy. For a punchy, modern country aesthetic, pair a floral curtain with slate blue walls. If you want to incorporate some coral but in an understated way, choose a curtain with a subtle pattern that incorporates pops of coral. This will look elegant against a slate blue wall.

9. Patterned Curtains

Having blue walls doesn’t mean you can’t play around with pattern and texture. They are a great backdrop to experiment with prints and create a unique space. Bold blue florals work well with navy walls. A subtle blue floral print will complement a grey-blue or duck egg blue wall. For bright blue walls, try a muted paisley print in greys, or a bold geometric print for a modern space.

10. Curtains with Trim

Curtains with trim are a fabulous way to make a statement without competing with your blue walls. Try a curtain with macrame detailing for a bohemian vibe when paired with a light blue wall. For a sapphire wall, try a dark blue velvet curtain with pompom trim. This will give an elegant but understated window treatment.

10 Curtain Ideas for Blue Walls

Blue walls are an ideal way to bring character and individuality into your space. Finding the right curtains to pair with them can be tricky. Blue is a more versatile color than you think and it allows you to play around with bold hues and prints. Would you try any of these colors with your blue wall? Whether dark and brooding, or light and airy, blue walls can look fabulous with the right curtains.

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