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Leather Sectional zoom in of leather sofa and nonslip backing for slipcover

Best Slipcover for Leather Sofa

After reviewing 25 different slipcovers and asking few home decor experts what they recommend we found that the best slipcover of a leather couch comes with multiple pieces and in a material that holds well.

Taking another combined 35 hours seeing which slipcovers would hold the best we recommend the PrinceDeco 4 Piece Sofa Slipcover for most leather sofas.

If the PrinceDecor slipcover isn’t available or you’re looking for a different style the Granbest 4 Piece High Stretch Couch Covers is a good alternate pick.

However, it’s not going to be a one size fits all. So let’s review the best slipcovers to help you determine which one fits your budget, space you have available and couch or sectional style.

Picture Name Feature Rating
Best All Around
Best Budget Pick
Great Runner Up
Best For Pets
Best Leather Sectional Slipcover
Best Slipcover to Keep the Leather Look
Best Slipcover for Leather Reclining Sofas

1. Best Overall: PrinceDeco 4 Piece Sofa Slipcover


Whether you have small pets running around on your furniture or kids that love to toss and turn the princedeco slipcovers have a snug fit that works great for leather sofas(if you have the right kind). 

What’s great about this slipcover is that each individual cushion has a separate piece for protection which will naturally stay better in place than having a one piece cover. The final piece covers the rest of the sofa and is held in place by straps. The cushions will help keep the larger cover piece in place.

It’s made of a soft velvet fabric which isn’t abrasive to leather furniture, however it’s not the thickest material so it’s not perfect for heavy duty pet protection. 

This slipcover won’t fit all furniture pieces so make sure you measure before ordering to ensure a proper fit for your sofa. It comes in 4 colors from a vibrant aqua to a neutral tan which help it fit with most decor styles but there are other options that come with more color choices.

2. Best Budget Pick: Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover 1-Piece


Do you need something that will fit a tight budget? The Easy-Going 1 Piece slipcover is good enough to get the job done if you’re looking to save, with some enhancements.

A 1 piece slipcover isn’t going to do as good of a job as a multi piece slipcover for staying in place and it can be more apparent on slippery leather sofas. 

However, if you’re craft or are okay purchasing these couch inserts you can improve it’s staying power. To DIY the inserts you can try cutting up a foam pool floaty or using old rolled up shirts under the cushions to help it stay in place.

It comes in 23 colors options and 3 sizes to you’re sure to find one that’ll fit your couch and decor style.

3. Granbest 4 Piece High Stretch Couch Covers


If the PrinceDecor slipcover isn’t available or you’re looking for different color options the granbest is a good choice. This slipcover comes in 12 different color options which should fit in with almost any home decor style. 

The velvet princedecor velvet fabric was easier to clean and the slightly lower price(at time of writing) edged it out to be a better choice. Both of these are not the best options for pets but are good enough to get the job done for most people. The PrinceDecor slipcover also performed better with small pets than this one.

If your sofa fits this spandex slipcover and one of the color options better suits you, go for it. However, if you have pets this may not be the best option for you.

4. Best for Pets: RHF Anti-Slip Sofa Cover


Having pets means you’ll need a slipcover that can stand up to their playful nature. As pet’s love to hop and run around on furniture at times the RHF Anti-Slip sofa cover does a good job to stay in place on a leather sofa, even with a fur baby in the house.

It comes in 4 neutral color options which should go well with most home decor styles. For pets we’d recommend going with the darker shades to better hide any small stains in between washes. 

The reason this one stands out for leather sofas is it’s anti slip grip in the back, the “tuck-in sacks” that go under the cushions and the laces that get tied to the legs of your couch for extra security. 

They have sizes that will work on large and small sofas as well as recliners if you’d like a matching set for various pieces of furniture.

5. Best for Leather Sectional: OstepDecor Couch Cover


For leather sectional sofa lovers with pets the OstepDecor slipcover gives meaningful protection with a non slip backing to help it stay in place. Make sure to measure before purchasing as it comes in 13 different size options to cover many pieces of furniture & a snug fit.

It comes in a durable velvet material with 8 different colors options allowing it to blend well with many decor styles. The slipcover is made of a durable thick material that will protect your leather sofa from pet nails. 

The non slip backing helps it stick in place even with the most rambunctious of pets or kids. It’s not a one piece sectional so your top sofa cushions will also prevent it from shifting around as much and separate pieces can be added for the sofa arms.

6. Best Slipcover to Keep the Leather Look: SureFit Ultimate Stretch Leather


We buy leather sofas because we enjoy the look and feel and, for the most part, putting a slipcover on it means completely changing that. With the Surefit leather look slipcover you can keep that while keeping your sofa safe.

This slipcover comes in at the high end of the prices for slipcovers but if you do want to keep the appearance of leather it’s the best option. It comes in one color and size so you won’t have as many styling options as other slipcovers.

The material has a good grip and it comes with an individual pillow case like cover for each separate cushion that stays in place well. The large cover will be held in place by the smaller cushions. 

It’s made out of a polyester material which holds out well to stains.

7. Best Faux Leather Sectional – HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch Leather

If the leather appeal is on your mind without the price then this cuddle friendly couch should be on your radar. It’s durable wooden frame at this price point and size give it great value.

Leather reclining sofas are pretty common and it’s understandable why you would want to protect it with a slipcover as they are expensive. The easy-going 6 Piece recliner slipcover does a good job at this by using several covers for each part of the recliner.

It’s a bit more work to get it on than a standard slipcover but it’s worth it as it is the best slipcover for a leather recliner that stays in place. 

It comes in 25 different colors and 2 sizes so there should be a color that would match almost anyone’s decor taste. We always recommend darker colors if you have pets or kids as they tend to hide stains better. 

The polyester fabric blend does a good job as polyester is a material that stands up well over time. 

Make sure you check the sizes you receive as a few people have gotten mixed match parts but it’s nothing reaching out to can’t get fixed.

The Sources & Why You Should Trust Us About These Slipcovers

Sources used for this guide

We use thoroughly researched and trustworthy sources before we give you any advice

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Buying Guide & Tips For a Slipcover on a Leather Couch

How many pieces? 

The slipcovers we recommend are available starting at a 1 piece to 6 piece set. At the end of the day it’s pretty straightforward, the more pieces the better the fit.

Slipcovers that come in more pieces hold in place better as each piece is designed for a specific part of the furniture.

The most common is a 4 piece which has 3 pieces for each of the sitting cushions and one piece for the rest of the rouch. With this setup the cushions will hold the largest cover in place making it ideal for a leather couch as slipcovers tend to move around the most on it.

The highest piece we recommend is 6 which is reserved for reclining sectionals. Since recliners have moving parts you’ll have to cover various part of it with slipcover pieces to retain its reclining feature. This is the only option if you have a leather reclining sofa and want to keep reclining. 

Should You Buy Slipcover Inserts or Tuck Grips?

Sometimes spending a little more can help a household item function just that much better. A few over the slipcovers we recommend come with a small foam insert that does help a bit but isn’t optimal. 

We recommend adding the trenton gift slipcover tuck grips. They do a better job than the foam rollers included in with some covers and most people will appreciate it on a leather couch.

Another option would be to cut up foam pool floats for a more custom fit insert to hold the slipcover in place. You can also use a few old rolled up shirts for a bit more hold.

If you like an extra snug fit you can further reinforce the slipcover using bed sheet fasteners. These can be leveraged underneath the sectional to add to the existing straps they use for the snuggest fit.


The slipcovers we recommend how in the following materials synthetic velvet, spandex, and polyester. 

Velvet is a tight weave fabric with a nap to them which is what creates the fuzzy and soft texture that makes it enjoyable. This material is the softest to the touch and will give the coziest sofa experience. They’re fairly easy to spot clean in an event of a spill or stain. 

Polyester is a synthetic fabric which can give it a negative perception, however it has it’s advantages. 

This material doesn’t break down as quickly as natural ones, in this case, which helps them last, makes them easier to clean and it’s more stain resistant. 

Spandex is used for the stretching material that grips your slipcover to your leather sofa.

Non Slip Backing

For fabric sofas a non slip backing helps but it doesn’t make the biggest difference. For a leather sofa we recommend it since leather has less grips and anything to help with the slipcover staying in place is welcome.

Non slip backing of slipcover